School House is the boys’ home away from home, so the ability to relax and have fun is as important as the measures we take to ensure they can study well.

We provide a range of onsite recreation equipment and facilities, and also arrange off-site outings that are enjoyable, help the boys bond as a group, and may also help them learn when all they think they are doing is having fun!

Onsite recreation facilities

  • HDMI Sky TV with surround sound and projector
  • X-Box and PS3 area
  • Computer and Wi-fi access
  • Table tennis
  • Pool
  • Magazine and book area

The Mt Albert Aquatic Centre is next door to School House and boys are provided with a yearly pass.

School House regularly holds fun evenings such as a Talent Night, Quiz Night and Theme Nights.

House Sport

Boys compete in their House groups in a variety of sports, such as basketball, rugby and football. Points are gained and prizes awarded for a House of the Week, House of the Term and House of the Year.

Offsite outings

  • Sports games at stadiums such as Eden Park and Mt Smart
  • Beach trips
  • Auckland Zoo
  • Auckland Museum
  • Ten Pin Bowling
  • Lantern Festival
  • Pasifika Festival