Life at MAGS

Mount Albert Grammar School is close to the centre of Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand, a country of only 4.5 million people which is repeatedly ranked one of the world’s most peaceful countries on the Global Peace Index.

Over the years, Auckland has been consistently named as one of the most liveable cities in the world. It has a population of 1.5 million people, a warm, sunny climate and magnificent natural scenery.

Auckland’s population is multi-cultural – it has the biggest concentration of Pacific Island peoples in the world, and also has large Asian, European, British and other immigrant communities. The culture of our New Zealand’s indigenous Maori people is part of the fabric of the city.

Auckland is famous for its two beautiful harbours, many beaches, islands and forests. It also has a vibrant city life, with numerous shopping areas, malls, cinemas, cafes, restaurants and markets.

Student stories – why we love MAGS

German students

Helene and Franziska speak in German about why they enjoy attending Mount Albert Grammar School.

Japanese students

Yuki and Taiki from Japan speak in Japanese about why they enjoy attending Mount Albert Grammar School.

Thai students

Five International students from Thailand talk about what they enjoy at Mount Albert Grammar School.

Vietnamese students

Five International students from Vietnam talk about what they enjoy at Mount Albert Grammar School.

Chilean students

Claudia and Valery from Chile speak in Spanish about why they enjoy attending Mount Albert Grammar School.

Mexican students

Fabricio, Jennifer and Raul from Mexico speak in Spanish about why they enjoy attending Mount Albert Grammar School.

Norwegian student

Sofie from Norway speaks in Norwegian about why she enjoys attending Mount Albert Grammar School.

Italian student

Giulia from Italy talks about the subjects she studies and what she enjoys about life at MAGS.

Spanish student

Arnau from Spain speaks in Spanish about why he enjoys attending Mount Albert Grammar School.

Our South Island Adventure

Jennifer and Raul from Mexico talk about their two-week adventure in the New Zealand’s South Island, organised by MAGS’ International Department.

Hannah – Germany

Auckland is a beautiful city and I am happy to be here. The teachers at Mount Albert Grammar School are very nice and are very helpful. I love my homestay family and they have included me so well into their family life. The International Food and Culture Event is so much fun. The International Student Committee work together to make it a perfect evening.

Shunta – Japan

Everything in New Zealand is perfect. My homestay family is really nice and I feel they are like my second family. I enjoy my subjects which we are allowed to choose. I play rugby for the school and I am proud to have this opportunity.

Carol – China

The school’s facilities and subjects are abundant. This gives me a comprehensive education at Mount Albert Grammar School. I am very happy living with a very kind homestay family and I am grateful for their care.

Rebecca – Italy

I think Mount Albert Grammar School is a great school. Everyone is really nice and ready to help you. Every class is amazing and I am discovering new ways to learn things at school. Recently, I joined the swimming club and I have been welcomed into the team. I took part in a swimming competition and won an award.

Tanapat – Thailand

My teachers are very helpful and they always answer my questions. I played softball for the school and had a great time. My homestay is really good, just a five minute walk to school and they make Thai food which is tasty.

Celine – Mexico

Mount Albert Grammar School is huge and offers a lot of amazing subjects. Teachers are really pleasant and have different teaching techniques. New Zealand is a place with nice people and nice weather where you can do a lot of outdoor activities and visit Auckland’s wonderful islands.

Felipe – Chile

I came to MAGS because it has a good rugby team and has a good reputation as a sporting school. I am staying at the School House and a lot of the House Boys are in my rugby team and it’s like being with your friends all day and we do a lot of activities. It’s really easy to fit in.

Kha Xuan – Vietnam

I came to MAGS three years ago and I enjoy studying here. My favourite subjects are Maths and Physics and MAGS makes them more interesting with their teaching style and teachers are very supportive. I joined the basketball team and it has been a good experience for me. I met new people and made new friends and learned new skills from the team.

Orion – Canada

I live in the School House and it is like a big family with a lot of boys helping each other out. I played rugby and the competition at MAGS for rugby is huge. Being part of the top team was a phenomenal experience. We also have the rugby academy which teaches physical education through rugby which improves skills and discipline.

Mingi – South Korea

I like our learning style at MAGS and I especially enjoy all my science subjects and maths. I play football for the school which I love playing because I get to play with my friends. Living in a homestay I got to know more about New Zealand culture and lifestyle.


The school organises a wide range of activities to help International students get to know each other, celebrate their culture and also make new Kiwi friends and experience the New Zealand lifestyle (see below).

International Food & Culture Evening

This annual event is a highlight of the school calendar, when International students come together to share food from their home countries, and give performances of traditional dance and music.


International students are encouraged to join one of Mount Albert Grammar’s many sports teams. It’s a great way to make friends and learn more about the culture of New Zealand.

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Performing Arts

International students who enjoy dance, drama and music are welcome to join their Kiwi friends in their choice of the many groups we offer. They may also take Dance, Drama or Music as an academic subject.

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Mount Albert Grammar offers a wide range of club to suit the interests of our students, and International students are welcome to join in. Whether you enjoy Photography, Robotics, or helping our local Environment, there’s a club for you.

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