The Technology Faculty aims to provide opportunities to students to gain academic qualifications and develop practical skills and experience in four different and yet related fields of Technology study.

Courses are designed and the standards are chosen to provide the right balance of practical skill development and related academic learning.

In Year 9 students are given a taste of Technology through courses in Product Design and Visual Communication. They may choose to continue with one of these topics as an Option in Year 10. In Years 11, 12 and 13 the Technology Faculty offers courses in Product Design, Visual Communication, Mechanical Engineering and Building Carpentry.

Senior courses, up to Y13 in Product Design and Visual Communication, are NCEA endorsed and University approved. The skills-based courses of Mechanical Engineering and Building Carpentry are endorsed by both NCEA and Industry Training Providers in their respective fields.

Students who successfully complete their studies in the Senior courses will typically move on to tertiary study in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture and design, or product design. Others choose to move into apprenticeships in building, plumbing, boat building, automotive engineering, the electrical trades or mechanical engineering.

Levels taught:

Year 9: General Technology (Product Design & Visual Communication) for one semester
Year 10: Technology Product Design, chosen as the student’s Option subject for one semester
Visual Communication, chosen as the student’s Option subject for one semester

Year 11 to Year 13: Technology Product Design and Visual Communication may be taken for NCEA Level 1 to Level 3 and Scholarship at Level 3.

Mechanical Engineering and Building Carpentry are both offered up Level 3 and the courses are a combination of Industry Unit Standards and NCEA Achievement standards.

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