Fee Structure

Centennial House Fees 2024

Boarding Fee for four terms: $15,500 incl GST

Placement Fee for new applications: $1000

Additional compulsory purchase items:
Centennial House laundry bag: $19.00
Centennial House mesh bag: $19.00

Boarding Fees must be paid in either of the two following ways:

Option One

  • One full payment of $15,500 by 19 January, 2024

Option Two

  • In four instalments of $3875.00 by the following dates:
  • First payment: 19 January, 2024
  • Second payment: 5 April, 2024
  • Third payment: 28 June, 2024
  • Final payment: 20 September, 2024


As per the School Rules and available from the Lions’ Den uniform shop on the school grounds.

Click here for Uniform detailsClick here for Uniform details

Personal Money

Each girl has her own bank account at one of the local banks.