Tuck Shop Menu

Following the closure of the Tuckshop, a Libelle Kitchen Caravan has been set up in MH Quad in the interim.
Students can buy food over the counter or purchases can be made online at: https://www.lunchorders.co.nz/
and then picked up from the caravan.
Our Tuckshop providers Libelle Group have teamed up with the Heart Foundation, Fueled4Life and BioPak to produce the Eat Smart menu. The aim is to provide children with healthy, fresh, value-for-money and environmentally sustainable food.

Cold meals are served in BioPak packaging, made from sustainably sourced, rapidly renewable materials.
And the items in the warmers and on the shelves that look like they are wrapped in plastic are actually in Natureflex Cello Bags, which are both biodegradable and compostable.
The cutlery is a bamboo product, and containers are made from a natural sugar cane pulp.
The Tuckshop, run by Libelle Group, is also in the process of changing all of its cleaning products to biodegradable products.