Daily Life

School House adheres to a daily routine to help the boys feel settled and enable them to get their work done while also enjoying some recreation.

Monday – Thursday:

  • 7am: Wake up
  • 7.10am: Shower and dress, make bed
  • 7.20am: Breakfast
  • 8.20am: Leave House for school
  • 1.30pm: Attend lunch
  • 2pm: Leave for school
  • 3.30pm-5.30pm: Casual leave/sport/free time
  • 5.30pm: Dinner (Juniors)
  • 5.30pm-6pm: Showers (Seniors)
  • 6.15pm: Dinner (Seniors)
  • 7.15pm-8.50pm: Prep (Study)
  • 8.50pm: House meeting: supper
  • 9.15pm Year 9 and 10 in bed; side lights on
  • 9.30pm: Year 9 and 10 lights out
  • 9.50pm: Seniors to bed
  • 10.00pm: Seniors’ lights out

Friday, Saturday, Sunday :

Under the direction of Housemasters and House procedures.