Senior Leadership

MAGS’ Senior Leadership Team is, from left: Catherine Horne, Fiona Barker, Paul McKinley, Patrick Drumm, Paul Ferner, Jo Williams, Mark Rivalland and Shameen Hayat.


Patrick Drumm became the seventh Headmaster of Mount Albert Grammar School in January, 2016. He had previously been Principal of Botany Downs Secondary College, and Principal of Aorere College in Papatoetoe for five years.

Mr Drumm grew up in Mount Albert and still lives in the area. His grandfather, Mr Reginald Harrop, was a foundation student when MAGS opened in 1922 and went on to become a Prefect.

Mr Drumm is the Chairman of the Polyfest Trust Board, a former member of the College Sport Board, the President of the Auckland Secondary Schools Rugby Association, and a qualified rugby referee. He was Head Boy of St Peter’s College and later returned as Associate Principal before becoming Principal of Aorere.

He and his wife Anna have three children – Georgina, 13, Thomas, 17 and Jessica, 19.

Paul McKinley
Associate Principal

Paul McKinley is MAGS’ Associate Principal, and is responsible for Junior Boys, Sport and the day to day Operations of the school. He joined MAGS in 2007.

Mr McKinley began his 24-year career in education as a teacher of Social Studies and History; subsequent roles included Head of History, Dean of Years 11 and 13, and a Deputy Headmaster.

He has a son, Cameron, 13, and a daughter, Emerson, 11.

“The community at MAGS is outstanding with a wide variety of students and staff from a range of backgrounds,” says Mr McKinley. “The sense of pride that permeates through MAGS is rare in most secondary schools and helps give this school its unique character. I’m looking forward to continuing to enhance what we offer, and help MAGS continue to be great.”

Fiona Barker
Deputy Principal

Fiona Barker is a Deputy Principal responsible for Curriculum and Pathways, Maori and Pasifika achievement, and Year 13 students. She has worked in education for 20 years, and joined MAGS in 2016 from a role at the Ministry of Education. Before that Mrs Barker was at another Auckland high school where I was Deputy Principal and Head of Music. She began her career teaching Music and Health, and this year is teaching a Year 9 Health class.

Mrs Barker has three children – Alex is in Year 8 at Kowhai Intermediate, Lucy is in Year 6 at Gladstone Primary and Kieran is in Year 2 at Gladstone.

“MAGS has a very special connection with its community,” says Mrs Barker.  “It is amazing coming down on the weekend and seeing so many people here to watch sport – just one example of how our families are involved in their children’s school experience.”

Paul Ferner
Director of Guidance

Paul Ferner is responsible for the Guidance Department, school-wide pastoral care and monitoring student well-being. He is also involved in student leadership, particularly with our Prefects. He has worked at MAGS since 2003.

Mr Ferner began his career in education as a primary teacher in 1973. He switched to secondary teaching in 1986, teaching English, Journalism and becoming involved in Careers advisement. He has been a Guidance Counsellor since 1994, and prior to joining MAGS was Head of Guidance at two other schools.

He has two adult children, Kirsty and Nick, and one grand-daughter, Zoe.

“I love working with youth, as wisdom needs topping up with youthful enthusiasm as one gets older,” says Mr Ferner.  “The country is in good hands if MAGS students are any indication.”

Shameen Hayat
Deputy Principal

Shameen Hayat is a Deputy Principal responsible for Staff Professional Learning and Development and Staff Appraisal. She also oversees Year 12 students and the English and Languages Faculties. Ms Hayat has worked in education for 19 years and has been at MAGS since 2013.

Ms Hayat is a teacher of History, Social Science and Economics, and is currently teaching a Year 10 Social Science class. In the past she has led a number of faculties.

She has three children – Ayesha, 10, Ali, 7, and Zachary, 3, who will all attend MAGS.

“I appreciate that MAGS has strong values and a culture which students embrace, leading to success on many levels,” says Ms Hayat. “I’m looking forward to implementing and embedding our Profession Learning programme for staff.”

Catherine Horne
Deputy Principal

Catherine Horne is a Deputy Principal overseeing Year 11 students, the Mathematics Department, Arts events, MAGS’ pilot mentoring programme and data tracking of students. She started teaching in 2000 and joined MAGS three years later. Ms Horne is a Mathematics teacher and this year takes a Year 12 Calculus class.

In her time at MAGS Ms Horne has held many responsibilities within the Mathematics Department, has been a Dean since 2005 and on the Senior Leadership Team since 2010.

“I’ve seen many changes at MAGS during my time here so far, and have always loved working with students and staff,” says Ms Horne. “They make the school what it is – a place I am proud to work at and be a part of.”

Mark Rivalland
Deputy Principal

Mark Rivalland is a Deputy Principal designated as the Principal’s Nominee for Ministry of Education matters. He started teaching in 1974 and joined MAGS in 2007. Mr Rivalland is a teacher of Mathematics, and has held a number of management positions during his career.

He has two adult children, Gareth and Louise, and four granddaughters.

“The wide diversity of students at MAGS makes it a fertile ground for developing young people of many different persuasions,” says Mr Rivalland. “The accent on excellent academic achievement here is the envy of many schools and the motivation behind the endeavour of the staff and the students. Watching talented young professionals take up the leadership mantle and promoting the ideals of the MAGS Way is rewarding.”

Jo Williams
Deputy Principal

Jo Williams is a Deputy Principal in charge of Junior Girls, among other responsibilities. She has worked in education for more than 20 years and has been at MAGS since 2002. She is a teacher of English.

Ms Williams’ other roles at MAGS have included Assistant Head of English and Dean; at a previous school she was a Dean, Teacher in Charge of the Library and the staff representative on the Board of Trustees.

She has three children – Amber, Gareth and Jarrod, who all attended MAGS.

“What I love most about MAGS is observing and being able to share in the experience of student success – in all its various forms,” says Ms Williams. “We have a great team of staff and students who work in sync towards a common goal, contributing to what we call MAGs Pride – this is what makes us special.”