MAGS’ Board of Trustees is (at back from left)  Deputy Chair Tui Gallagher,  Catherine Murphy and Neil Waka. At front from left: Paul Moon, Raj Bhikha, Chairperson Greg Moyle and Simon Mitchell. Lemauga Lydia Sosene was co-opted to the Board following the election.

Board of Trustees


2019 Personal Statements

Greg Moyle – Chairman

I am the current Chairperson of the Board of Trustees and have been a Trustee for the past 21 years.
My association with MAGS spans the last 50 years as I was a pupil at the school from 1968-1972, a past President of the Albertians Association, Albertian of the Year in 2007, and made a member of the MAGS Hall of Distinction in 2012.
My older children, Daniel and Rachel, attended MAGS, and my younger daughter, Eva, is currently a Year 9 pupil. My younger son, Luke, will attend MAGS in two years’ time.
Since I have been on the Board, MAGS has continued to grow and prosper to become the school of choice in our area. During my time on the Board we have benefitted by having excellent principals in Greg Taylor, Dale Burden and Patrick Drumm; a strong senior management team; and motivated, competent teachers.
The glue that holds this together is a stable team of committed Trustees on the Board of Trustees. I am committed to working alongside my fellow Trustees to ensure that the unique culture of MAGS is maintained, that our students receive an education second to none, and that the school is properly resourced in property and equipment to achieve this.
The new Science Block is nearing completion, and plans are well underway for new teaching facilities on the MAGS farm and a Performing Arts auditorium. In 2022 we will be celebrating our Centenary, and having been a pupil at our 50th in 1972, I am keen to ensure that the 100th is very special for our students, Albertians and the MAGS community.
Outside my involvement with MAGS I am a self-employed Authorised Financial Planner with qualifications in both law and accounting.

Tui Gallagher – Deputy Chair

Ko Māmari te waka, ko te Aupouri te iwi. My name is Tui Gallagher, and I have lived in Mount Albert for 30 years. I have raised my family of four daughters, and nephews and nieces who have travelled and still travel the pathway through MAGS.  I am fortunate to have been a co-opted and currently elected member to the Board of Trustees, and the current Chair of the MAGS Runanga. The Runanga was established to provide a voice for Maori, directly into the Senior management team, and has been highly effective in this role, evidenced in the Strategic Plan and the academic results of our tamariki. This Runanga has assisted effective governance and partnership for Maori.
Prior to being at MAGS, I was on the Board of Trustees at Gladstone Primary for 9 years.  I have worked for PARS, People at Risk Solutions, as Housing, Employment and Community Liaison.
I have sat at the table of governance for MAGS for eight of the 13 years I have been involved with the School. I have been humbled to be able to be a voice for our Maori community especially, but also for the wider school community. I believe I am an effective member of the Board, and can continue to be an effective parent representative because I remain connected to the school, and the wider community.  I am a member of the Education Sub Committee, Property Sub Committee, Disciplinary Sub Committee, and when required the Personnel Sub Committee. Like all parents, I want our tamariki to be good global citizens, leading the conversations on diversity and tolerance, practising the MAGS way in everyday life through manākitanga, aroha, hauora and  rangatiratanga.  I look forward to continuing to serve the Community, that I am proud to live in. Ngā mihi māhana ki a koutou kātoa.

Raj Bhikha

In 2016 I was co-opted onto the MAGS Board and have since been active on the board as the Property Chairperson. For the betterment of our school community, I can apply my 12 years of experience from being Chairperson on the Board at Mt Roskill Primary School, and a further six years of contribution to the Mt Roskill Intermediate Board.
I am a third generation NZ-born Indian and I am also a very proud MAGS old boy. I am happily married and have three children. My oldest daughter is currently attending the University of Auckland studying Law and Property. My two younger children are currently studying at MAGS in years 11 and 13.
After leaving MAGS in the early 90s, I gained multiple qualifications including a Diploma of Architecture, Bachelor of Construction Management and finally a Bachelor of Quantity Surveying. I am a member of the New Zealand Institute of Builders (NZIOB) and the New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NZIQS). I am currently working for C3 Construction on various commercial projects in Auckland.
MAGS is currently experiencing increased demand for classrooms and other educational facilities due to the ever-increasing roll growth in the last few years. I believe I can use my 25 years of experience in the construction industry to continue providing guidance on the current and future property and infrastructure developments at the school.
I believe that I bring a unique background and previous school board experience to ask the right questions and make informed decisions to help your child excel in the four pillars at MAGS, encompassing academics, sporting, arts and community service.
Students, staff, finance, property and employment matters are amongst the biggest governance responsibilities that the Board of Trustees hold. I believe my past 12 years of experience on various school boards and the extensive range of skills and experience I have in construction project management, will help me contribute and make informed decisions for the benefit of every student at the school and community at large.

Simon Mitchell

I was the previous Deputy Chair of the Board, having been co-opted for last term.
I have a son attending MAGS at Year 11. His brother left MAGS in 2018, having completed Year 13.
I have previously served on the Board of Balmoral Primary School, including a period as Chair.
I work as a barrister, with special interest in employment, education and family law. I regularly speak at conferences on all areas of law, including education law.
I have been Chair of the Education Law Association. I have found my legal experience in employment and education law very useful in my work as a Board member.
The school is progressing well under the current Board and management team.  I am keen to remain involved in the Board for another term, working with management and Board colleagues to address issues, including the large size of the school. The school has benefited from a board that works well together. The Board  has also established great relationships with our management team.
I believe that MAGS provides excellent opportunities for our students, and I am keen to contribute to provide an environment where this may continue. Certainly, my children have been well served by the staff at MAGS, and I believe the school offers excellent opportunities to students.
The school draws well on its traditions, while being future focused. Both benefit our students.
The success of the school is clear from its excellent academic results, and outstanding sporting and cultural success.

Dr Paul Moon

I am a Professor of History at Auckland University of Technology, where I have taught for the past 23 years, and in 2003 was elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society at University College, London. My job involves lecturing, supervising Masters and Doctoral students, and research and publishing. I have a Doctor of Philosophy in economic history, and a Master of Arts and Master of Philosophy.
I have had two children go through Mount Albert Grammar School, one is currently in Year 10, with one more on the way. My wife, Milica, is Head of MAGS’ Arts Faculty and Music Department.

I have enjoyed being a parent representative on the Mount Albert Grammar School’s Board of Trustees since 2004, and since 2008 I have been Chairman of the Discipline sub-committee. Discipline matters are critical to the character of any school, and we have ensured that a ‘firm but fair’ approach is applied for the best interests of everyone concerned.
Having taught in the tertiary sector for more than two decades, I have a great deal of insight into what Mount Albert Grammar School students will need when they undertake the next stage of their education, and am committed to working with the rest of the Board and the school’s management to ensure that academic standards are being constantly enhanced, and that school offers every student the opportunity to perform to the best of their abilities. I believe that one of the current Board’s greatest achievements has been to oversee the steady ascent in academic standards at the school.

Mount Albert Grammar School has a strong and rapidly-growing reputation as one of the country’s premier schools, and the current Board has worked particularly well with the school to bolster this standing. There are several important matters in the school’s development that the Board will be involved with in coming years, and I welcome the opportunity to continue to play a role in this process.

Catherine Murphy

I have lived on the fringes of Mt Albert all my life and made the conscious decision to send my children to MAGS as it was a community I wanted them to be a part of.
As a family we have had a long-standing relationship with MAGS with my father attending the school from 1956-61 before heading off to Oxford University on a scholarship. He remained all his life an extremely proud MAGS old boy.
Fast forward to today and all four of my children will be educated at MAGS. My eldest son having left last year, a son and daughter currently attend and my youngest son due to start in 2020.  I have been an active member of the MAGS community since 2013 where I was instrumental on the Friends of MAGS committee for three years, mainly involved in setting up and securing an important place on the Mt Albert community events calendar for the MAGS Art Show.
Since them I can be found on the side of a field on Saturdays or dropping kids at early morning practices!
As a family we believe in embracing our local schools as they are an important and contributing part of the whole community. This is a belief and expectation we instil in our children to be proud and active members of their school and in their case it has mainly been in the sporting arena.
My vision as a Board member is to help set the platform for the MAGS of tomorrow by supporting the Headmaster and the school senior management team in achieving this. Embracing the diversity this school offers and is unique to MAGS and is something to be encouraged and celebrated.
In my day job I am the NZ Country Manager and Director of a large global business and have recently joined the NZ Institute of Directors. I also have a degree in Architecture, and qualifications in Marketing and Management.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to provide fresh enthusiasm and some new ideas to the MAGS Board of Trustees and to help them build on the great work that they already done to set the school and its students on the ever-evolving path to be the best they can be, both now and for the future.

Neil Waka

My daughter Breanna is in Year 11 and I have another daughter who will be attending MAGS in 2020.
I was a television news presenter for 22 years, one of the first of Maori heritage to ever work as a news anchor in mainstream television and one of the longest serving.
My first 11 years was with TV3, the second half of my television career was at TVNZ on TV One News.
Over more than two decades of television, I was fortunate to present and report from locations around our beautiful country and all around the globe, meeting and interviewing some amazing and fascinating characters. I was privileged to front the Olympic Games from Greece, the home of the modern-day Olympics. My career was everything I had ever dreamed it could be and more.
Although it was an absolute privilege being one of the first Polynesian news presenters on mainstream television in New Zealand, I felt that after 22 years it was time to set new goals and challenges for myself and step away from my broadcasting career.
In 2010, I became the Head of Corporate Affairs for auto giant Holden General Motors NZ, where I also had the opportunity for further development with Holden Australia and General Motors Europe.
After five years and looking for further challenges, I accepted a new role as Head of Corporate Affairs with Coca-Cola Amatil NZ and Fiji, where I am currently working.
I’ve been fortunate to have played four representative level sports, although I suspect I was more lucky than talented, but I did enjoy the experiences.
I’ve run two marathons and competed in 16 triathlons. Not because I am a long-distance runner or a triathlete, but I’ve always loved to challenge myself. To be clear, I was never ever in with a chance to win.
My strengths and interests for the Board?  Media, Public Relations, Sport and the well-being of our Maori and Pasifika students.
I’m big on developing robust strategies for great outcomes. Fostering good relationships and integrity is very important to me.

Lemauga Lydia Sosene

Talofa lava, my name is Lemauga Lydia Sosene. I have been involved with the Mags Board of Trustees since being co-opted in 2007 and then elected in 2010, 2013 and 2016. I have now been co-opted in 2019. I am a Pasifika parent representative. I am a member of the Education Subcommittee and a member of the Disciplinary Committee. Outside my involvement with MAGS I am Chair of the Mangere-Otahuhu Local Board, part of Auckland Council, having held this role since 2013 and a member since 2010. My specific duties are to lead the team of seven members making decisions of civic leadership, fronting media enquiries and representing at the Auckland regional level. My eldest child has been through Mount Albert Grammar School and my youngest child is a Year 12 student.
I have contributed throughout my Trustee terms, supporting strategies of increasing students’ academic results and parent involvement initiatives. In 2007, as one of a small group of parents, we brought forth the Pasifika parents committee for five years, now evolved into the Pasifika Parents Network.
I am the Trustee representative of the Komiti Faufautua (Pasifika Advisory committee) formed in 2018. This committee is made up of a trustee, senior staff, student leaders and parent representatives providing advice on operational matters within the school. Komiti Faufautua co-facilitated the Staff Administration Day in January 2019 that focused on better understanding Pasifika learners.
I am keen on MAGS pasifika students being confident in their Pacific language, especially in a school setting. I am keen on all MAGS students being given the opportunity to learn Te Reo and have a strong understanding of the Treaty of Waitangi principles.
I am passionate about supporting young people so they enjoy their time learning at MAGS, to be successful and excel in academia, sports and arts.
I am a strong believer in the effective partnership between school and home. I am pleased the Trustee team has maintained the Mount Albert Grammar culture of strength, prowess and stability. I wish to continue serving our school community. Manuia tele.

Per Angusta Ad Augusta

Other elected members

Staff Representative: Jacqui CesanStudent representative: Jack Millar
To contact the Board, please email the BoT Secretary Dimity Payne [email protected]