Board of Trustees 2016-2019 – personal statements

Greg Moyle – Chairman

My involvement with MAGS spans almost 50 years. A pupil at the school in the 1960s, I have since been President of the Albertians Association as well as a member of the Board of Trustees since 1998. I have been Chairman since 2006. In 2007 I was selected as the Albertian of the Year and in 2012 made a member of the MAGS Hall of Distinction.

My elder children attended the School and my younger children will attend in the next three to five years.

To that end I have a desire for MAGS to continue to be the school of choice for our area.

I was the driving force upon discovering that the lease of the School Farm was due to end, to negotiate renewal of the lease with ASB Bank for another 99 years.

While MAGS is currently tracking extremely well it is imperative that this continues as we progress towards our School centenary in 2022. There is an extensive building program in place to upgrade our current facilities as well as to cater for the projected roll increases. Now that the D Block is completed, the next ‘cab off the rank’ is the new Science Block and the reconfiguration of part of the A Block for the Performing Arts Auditorium.

Outside my involvement at MAGS, I am an Authorised Financial Planner and the Founder/Principal of Financial Planning New Zealand Limited. I also have qualifications in Accounting and Law.

I want to support our new Headmaster and ensure that the current initiatives in respect of the School Farm and the building upgrades, particularly in respect of Science, Performing Arts and Technology, continue.

Graham Fletcher

Living in Mount Albert since 1980 I am a research team leader with Plant & Food Research, Mount Albert Research Centre. As a microbiologist/food scientist I lead a team investigating food safety, processing and preservation options for NZ seafood and horticultural products.

I am passionate about young people, wanting them to reach their full potential as citizens who make valuable contributions to our communities, our city and our nation. I want MAGS to continue in its heritage of producing students who go on to impact both our own nation and the nations of the world.

I have been a member of the MAGS Board of Trustees since 2011 as an elected parent representative, and am currently Co-Chair of the Education Sub-Committee and also on the Property Sub-Committee. I am excited about our progress over these years. Our 2015 academic results were some of our best, with 104 scholarships placing us fifth among NZ schools, well above other Decile 7/8 schools. Good results in diverse sports continue our proud sporting heritage. In the last three years we completed the D-block wing with new inspiring 21st century learning environments. I’m also very proud to see increasing strength in the arts and cultural expression and to see Maori increasingly taking their place as Treaty partners.

As a father of 10 and having hosted youth groups in our home for decades, I understand teenagers! My six eldest children attended MAGS and have gone onto various tertiary studies and careers. I currently have a Year 12 daughter and Year 10 foster child at MAGS, and have more yet to start! With adopted Chinese daughters, Maori foster children and hosting MAGS homestays (currently a 16-year-old Japanese boy), my family celebrates ethnic diversity. I understand some of the challenges faced by new immigrants and love the diverse cultures found at MAGS. I want MAGS to continue to set an example in affirming cultural diversity, one that reflects and positively impacts the future of Auckland.

Success at school depends on an effective partnership between school and parents. It is not just about academic and sporting achievements. It is also about developing a love of learning, forming strong lasting friendships, developing strength of character and excelling in all that we do. I want a school that fosters a culture of excellence where all students are encouraged and inspired to pursue their individual passions, developing valuable and necessary skills for their future.

Dale Griffiths, FPS MZNCP

My involvement with MAGS started in 1969 as pupil. Since re-joining the school community in 1994, I have contributed widely to the school firstly as President of the Albertians Association and as a member of the MAGS Foundation Board. I have been a member of the Board of Trustees since 2006. Since 2008 I have overseen property development on the Board’s behalf, and am now Chairman of the Property sub-committee and a member of the Finance sub-committee.

I was extensively involved in the building of the new Gym, the E Block refurbishment and recently the extension of D Block which gave the school 12 new classrooms and an atrium. I am one of the school’s representatives on the MAGS Swimming Pool Trust which oversees the pool’s operation. I have worked to ensure that once a new council pool is developed in the Mount Albert area, the school inherits the pool.
In 2012, the school’s 90th year, I was awarded the honour of Albertian of the Year for my work on behalf of the school and my profession.

Both my children attended Mount Albert Grammar School. The introduction of girls to MAGS in 2000, which I supported among the Old Boys’ community and the wider school, made this possible.

The school faces some large challenges over the next few years as the increase in in-zone student’s places greater pressure on the school both in terms of teaching and outdoor space. The Board needs to continue the successful model that has developed to cope with future students’ needs going into the school’s centenary and beyond.

The new hard courts, science block and performing arts space are building developments the Board has underway. My vision is to develop more teaching space allowing further consolidation of the faculties within the school. These changes will provide for the school’s growth without sacrificing the great outdoor spaces which all our students enjoy.

I am a community pharmacist based in West Auckland and the Immediate Past President of the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand and a past chair of the New Zealand College of Pharmacists.
I am committed to supporting the Headmaster and the school’s senior management and the continued development of MAGS. For MAGS to be a school that provides the best opportunities and sets the highest standards for individual students to equip them appropriately for their futures.

Dr Paul Moon

I am a Professor of History at Auckland University of Technology, where I have taught for the past 23 years, and in 2003 was elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society at University College, London. My job involves lecturing, supervising Masters and Doctoral students, and research and publishing. I have a Doctor of Philosophy in economic history, and a Master of Arts and Master of Philosophy.
I have had two children go through Mount Albert Grammar School, one is currently in Year 10, with one more on the way. My wife, Milica, is Head of MAGS’ Arts Faculty and Music Department.

I have enjoyed being a parent representative on the Mount Albert Grammar School’s Board of Trustees since 2004, and since 2008 I have been Chairman of the Discipline sub-committee. Discipline matters are critical to the character of any school, and we have ensured that a ‘firm but fair’ approach is applied for the best interests of everyone concerned.
Having taught in the tertiary sector for more than two decades, I have a great deal of insight into what Mount Albert Grammar School students will need when they undertake the next stage of their education, and am committed to working with the rest of the Board and the school’s management to ensure that academic standards are being constantly enhanced, and that school offers every student the opportunity to perform to the best of their abilities. I believe that one of the current Board’s greatest achievements has been to oversee the steady ascent in academic standards at the school.

Mount Albert Grammar School has a strong and rapidly-growing reputation as one of the country’s premier schools, and the current Board has worked particularly well with the school to bolster this standing. There are several important matters in the school’s development that the Board will be involved with in coming years, and I welcome the opportunity to continue to play a role in this process.

Lemauga Lydia Sosene

I have been privileged to serve as a Parent member of the Board since being co-opted in 2007, and elected since 2010. I am Co-Chair of the Education sub-committee.

My eldest son was a previous pupil and my youngest son is now in Year 12. The goals I have had over the Trustee Terms: to make a valuable and positive contribution. I am Chair of the Mangere-Otahuhu Local Board, Auckland Council. I lead a team of seven elected Members making decisions on local matters, providing leadership and supporting local communities.

I have strongly advocated for Pasifika Students and their families, assisted in reviewing strategies of Academic Performance, to increase academic results of Pasifika Students. Being one of the Parents some years ago, we rebirthed the Pasifika Parents Committee, aligning our group to the School to understand our main focus. The momentum has continued, to the development of the newly formed Pasifika Parents Network as Parents play a key role supporting their Students, and to fundraise for specific school initiatives.

I have had the ability to be strategically effective and to support the Headmaster, Leadership and Teaching Teams. We have been able to deliver for the School community, a number of ongoing building projects to cope with demands of student growth. I continue to promote the partnership between school and home, to enable our diverse students to aspire and to achieve their best individual results yet – in academic studies, sports and creative arts. To remain well connected to our students’ families is critical to their success. Many of the students I have met over the years are proud, high achievers and well-rounded young citizens. I am an enthusiastic parent of the MAGS School Community.

My other volunteer roles in the community are involvement in youth and family initiatives. My family have been very active members of EFKS Grey Lynn for over 20 years.

I look forward to continuing to make a valuable contribution. Manuia tele. Per Angusta Ad Augusta – From Hardship to Glory

Aiolupotea Ofisa Tonu’u

I was elected to the Board of Trustees in 2016 as a parent representative and am a Pasifika representative.

As a family man and a former professional sportsman I not only learned how to succeed on the field, but how to flourish off the field. From understanding the importance of team-work and goal setting, to the need for open communication and a strong work ethic, I have taken these lessons and applied them to various facets of my life.

It was a privilege to play for the All Blacks and Manu Samoa, but my greatest achievement is my family. My wife Sheralynn and I have seven children, – Salyn completed his studies in 2016, Ofisa jnr and Leilani-Grace are currently at the school, and four more are to come, so life is busy, but that’s how I like it.

Family life and rugby also taught me the importance of community and giving back. As a player, the thing I loved most was visiting schools, community groups or hospitals and providing my time, advice or a smile. I saw how much this means to people and have dedicated myself to community service since the end of my playing career. I currently work for Auckland Council at Roskill Youth Zone, which gives me the opportunity to connect with youth and help them realise their potential and also the needs and challenges of our youth in this very tough environment. My philosophy is that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to, we just need to meet half way.

Outside of work, I am heavily involved in coaching sport, which gives me another opportunity to give back and connect with the community and youth development.

As a parent of students at Mount Albert Grammar, I see this as a great opportunity to ensure MAGS continues to be a quality school not just for my children, but for all students who attend now and into the future. Aside from my passion to serve and professional sporting background, I bring a strong Pasifika influence from working at the grassroots of our community and with a strong youth programme background. I bring solutions that are relevant to getting better outcomes for the students, the parents and the school. I am passionate to see our young people do well, as they are the future of our great country of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Other elected members

Parent and Maori Representative Tui Gallagher:
Member of the Education and Property Sub-Committees
Staff Representative Malcolm Nuttall:
Member of the Education, Property, and Health and Safety Sub-Committees
Student representative: Hugo Young

Co-opted members

Raj BhikhaCo-opted for his expertise in building projects; is a member of the Property Sub-Committee
Simon MitchellMaori Representative, member of the Education and Property Sub-Committees
Lisa OakdenAlbertians Association Representative
John LiddellMAGS Foundation Representative
Te Kani WilliamsLegal Representative and Maori Representative
Simon PickeringCo-opted for financial expertise; member of the Finance Sub-committee