MAGS students and teachers are an enthusiastic bunch, and motivated to run clubs to support their special interests. Joining a club is a great way to meet like-minded people, and get involved in activities both inside and outside the school.

Students should listen out for Club opportunities in the Daily Notices; parents and students can check the Notices online through the Parent and Student Portal.

For more service-oriented groups, such as the Interact Club, see the Service page

For Cultural and Performing Arts Clubs, see Performing Arts

Active Clubs:

  • Animal Allies / Contact Miss Catalina Espinoza: [email protected]
    This is the animal rights group at MAGS.
  • Astronomy Club Contact Mr Diego Alarcon [email protected]
    The MAGS Astronomy Club is dedicated to observing the sky and learning about the universe. On Instagram: @astroclubmags
  • Blog / Contact Ms Carissa Calvert: [email protected];
    Come along to learn the skills of being a good blogger who will attract followers. Practice your interviewing and writing skills, and you could have your blog published on the school website.
  • Chess Club / Contact Mr Greg Frank: [email protected]
  • Christian Fellowship Open Discussion Group / Contact Mrs Stephanie Clarry: [email protected]
  • Christian Group / Contact Mrs Ayisha Mulgrew: [email protected]
  • Creative Writing / Contact Ms Leanne Cutfield: [email protected]
  • Debating / Contact Mr Reuben Ploeg: [email protected]
  • Drawing / Contact Ms Lisa Stewart: [email protected]
    Open to all students who may work on any drawing they like, and for Visual Communication students to receive extra assistance with their assignments.
  • Digital Leaders / Contact Mrs Elise Goddard: [email protected]
    A student group who promote good digital citizenship, especially in the area of being socially responsible online.
  • Environment / Contact Miss Helen Dunham: [email protected]
  • Indian Club / Contact Ms Robina Nisha: [email protected]
  • Junior Arts Club / Contact Ms Alessandro Gallo: [email protected]
    Mondays after school until 4pm.
  • Librarians / Contact Mrs Elise Goddard: [email protected]
    A student group who assist with library tasks
  • Musical Theatre Group / Contact Miss Carmela Hughes: [email protected]
    Workshops developing combined skills in dancing, singing, and acting.
  • Muslim Club / Contact Ms Robina Nisha: [email protected]
  • Photography Club / Contact Ms Ioana Schwalger: [email protected]
  • Programming and Coding / Contact Mrs Elise Goddard: [email protected]
    A student group from beginners to advanced where students help each other to learn to code with the help of online resources.
  • Robotics / Contact Mr Shaun Bailey: [email protected]
  • Spelling Bee / Contact Ms Aubrey Mason: [email protected]
  • Spoken Word Poetry/ Mrs Becky Woodall: [email protected];
    Spoken Word is a combination is poetry and performance that is growing in popularity around the world. Learn how to express yourself through this powerful art form, and have the opportunity to compete against performance poets from other schools.
  • Technology Leaders / Contact Mrs Elise Goddard: [email protected]
    A student group who assist students in the library working on devices and  support ICT staff with school computing facilities.
  • TeenAg / Contact Mr Greg Frank: [email protected]
    Visits, visiting speakers, competitions, advice on careers in the Primary Industries, and career networking
  • Theatresports / Contact Mr Gerald Urquhart: [email protected]
    A drama group that teaches improvisation skills. Selected members compete in the TYP Auckland competition. Open to students of all ages and experience.