Pasifika Initiatives

The purpose of this network is to work beside the school’s initiatives with a focus on our Pasifika students’ learnings and outcomes.

We work beside the  Senior Leadership Team and wit the guidance of Ms Va Anisi and Mr Danny Liuliu Afoa and are actively supported by Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm. Our role is to support any initiative that sits within these great teachers’ portfolios and to facilitate, drive, support and implement best practice for our students for the betterment of their future beyond MAGS.

Our network’s two main areas of focus are:
* Building and strengthening relationships
* Acquiring information
Our role is:
* To advocate on behalf of our Pasifika parents and students
* Empower students, teachers and parents through engagement and staying connected
* Support our parents through communication or information sharing of all things MAGS
* To build a Knowledge Hub for our Pasifika parents and students

We are here to support all Pasifika parents as we aim to ensure that our students leave school with the highest qualifications possible, giving them the potential for even better career opportunities than we have had. We encourage you to join us – get on board our Vaka as we paddle and build a map for our children’s success in years to come.

We leave you with this – Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Faafetai ma ia manuia.

If you would like to join the network or just find out more about it, please contact MAGS’ Pasifika Liaison Officers:

Ms Va Anisi or Mr Danny Liuliu Afoa  or

Phone 09 846 2044 x 8184

Ms Va AnisiMr Danny Liuliu Afoa
ph 09 846 2044 x 8184Ph 09 846 2044 x 8184

Every Tuesday and Wednesday, 3.15pm-4.45pm in the Library.
Supervised by teachers and Year 13 mentors, and tutors are there to help with most subjects, in particular Maths, English and the Sciences.

Pasifika Celebration Dinner 2019

Alyssa Houma, pictured with Mrs Anisi and Mr Drumm, was named Best All Round MAGS Pasifika Student 2019.

There were a few tears and a lot of laughter as the Pasifika community came together to celebrate the success of MAGS Pasifika students in Academia, Sports, the Performing Arts and Service to Pasifika and the school.
The Pasifika Prizegiving Dinner, on Friday, 25 October at Sorrento in the Park, was MC’ed by Deputy Head Prefects Alyssa Houma and DaRhys Simone, who were also big winners on the night.
Alyssa was named Best All Round Pasifika Student and it was announced on the night she had earned six scholarships.
DaRhys was a co-winner (with Theresa Anisi) of the Ah Kuoi Family Cup for Services to MAGS Pasifika and co-winner (with Tuiaki Fiuloi) of the Tagaloa Peter Su’a Award for Performing Arts, and has earned two scholarships.
Headmaster Patrick Drumm opened proceedings by saying Pasifika students comprised a significant part of the MAGS population and, more importantly, were vital in maintaining the school’s much-valued cultural diversity.
The Top Year 13 Pasifika Academic Student was Lovely Pulotu, while Ruby Maoate was named Top Year 12 Pasifika Academic and Best All Round Pasifika Student. Top Year 11 Pasifika Academic and Best All Round Pasifika Students were Leilani Ginnen and Marcus Savelio.
The Year 13 Siva Samoa featured students and staff showing off their dance moves with the latter including Pasifika Liaison Danny Liuliu Afoa, Deputy Principal Corey Todd and Rugby Director Nick Leger.
It preceded the naming of the top sportspeople: Karla Akeli and Josh Leger.
Siana Vagana was a co-winner (with Theresa Anisi) of the Tupuola Apisaloma Taulapiu Cup for Cultural Leadership, and also won the Director of Arts Award for Extra-Curricular Excellence.
Tavita Fa’amausili won the Village Community Trust Award for services to the Pasifika Council, and Maraea Ah Kuoi-Atmore took home the Ulugia-Pua Award for Outstanding Services to Mount Albert Grammar School.

For more pictures from the dinner, click here

Pasifika Celebration Dinner 2018

Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm congratulates Deputy Head Girl Rosarina Pillissi, the Best All Round MAGS Pasifika Student for 2018.

The Pasifika community came together at the annual MAGS Pasifika Dinner to acknowledge and celebrate the success of MAGS Pasifika students in Academia, Sports, the Performing Arts and Service to Pasifika and the school.
The dinner, on Friday, 26 October at Sorrento in the Park, also acknowledged Tupuola Apisaloma Taulapiu for his 26 years of service as Pasifika Liaison to Mount Albert Grammar School. He joined the school in 1992, and since that time, he has worked closely with our Pasifika students, the staff and our Pasifika community. He has been part of the school’s strategic plan in raising academic achievement and ensuring the well-being of our students. He is the first Pasifika person to have been acknowledged for this and he was congratulated and thanked for his ongoing loyalty and support to Pasifika.
There was also thanks to the Pasifika Parents’ Network (PPN), under the leadership of Katerina Taumaoe, for their tireless work year-round, fundraising so that our dinner allows us to celebrate the successes and for as many students as possible to attend. Without their support the success of this event would not be possible.

The Best All Round MAGS Pasifika Student for 2018 is MAGS’ Deputy Head Girl Rosarina Pillissi (pictured above at centre), who was also named Top Year 13 Pasifika Academic Student and Best All Round. Along with Liam Akeli, she won the Tagaloa Peter Su’a Award for Performing Arts, and Rosarina also won the Ulugia-Pua Award for Outstanding Services to Mount Albert Grammar School.

Cyprus Taumaoe won the Ah Kuoi Family Cup for Services to Pasifika.

During the year, Rosarina was also awarded the following scholarships: University of Auckland Pasifika Academic Excellence Scholarship, University of Otago Pasifika Peoples Entrance Scholarship, First Foundation Scholarship and Hi -Well Scholarship.
Top Pasifika Sportswoman and Sportsman awards went to Sharne Pupuke-Robati and Soane Vikena respectively.
Floyd Watch, one of the leaders of MAGS’ successful Niuean group at PolyFest, was awarded the Tupuola Apisaloma Taulapiu Cup for Cultural Leadership.
Cyprus Taumaoe, pictured, won the Ah Kuoi Family Cup for Services to Pasifika.

Other winners were:
Top Year 11 Excellence: Tuiaki Fiuloi, Iosefa Ulugia-Pua and Ronette Va’ai
Top Year 11 Pasifika Academic Student & Best All Round Pasifia Student: Ronette Va’ai
Top Year 12 Excellence: Maraea Ah Kuoi Atmore, Theresa Anisi, Aka Bloomfield, Alyssa Houma, Hannah Jones, Nathan Su’a Chang and Siana Vagana.
Top Year 12 Pasifika Academic Student & Best All Round Pasifika Student: Aka Bloomfield
Top Year 13 Pasifika Students: Hannah Fale, Porcia Meredith, Rosarina Pillissi, Roselyne Va’ai, Rosemary Tatupu and Elijah Manu.
Tertiary Scholarships: Hannah Fale, University of Otago Pasifika Academic Excellence Scholarship;
Clarke Aiono, University of Otago Performance Entrance Scholarship; Roselyne Va’ai, AUT School Leaver Scholarship KIWA (Maori & Pasifika Student); Grace Twigley, AUT School Leavers Scholarship KIWA (Maori & Pasifika student).

For more pictures from the dinner, click here

Pasifika Celebration Dinner 2017

Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm with the 2017 Best All-Round Pasifika Students, Aaron Fa’asalafa and ‘Alosi Bloomfield.

MAGS’ top Pasifika students were acknowledged and celebrated at the 2017 Pasifika Celebration Dinner on Thursday, 26 October.

The Year 12 Academic Excellence award went to Roselynne Va’ai, who was also named Best All-Round Year 12 Student, and Excellence Awards were made to Tara Pickering and Rosarina Pillissi. Elijah Manu was named Top Year 12 Pasifika Boy.

The Year 11 Academic Excellence Award went to Hannah Jones with Excellence Awards to Theresa Anisi, Kalyah Atai and Siana Vagana. The Top 11 Pasifika Boy was Nathan Su’a Chang; the Best All-Round Students in Year 11 were Maraea Ah Kuoi-Atmore and Aka Bloomfield.

The Best All-Round Pasifika Students for 2017 were Deputy Head Girl ‘Alosi Bloomfield and Aaron Fa’asalafa.

The Tagaloa Peter Su’a Award for Services to the Performing Arts went to Liam Akeli and Vaimoana Va’ai for their achievement and service in Music, Drama and Dance.

The Pasifika Sportsman and Sportswoman Awards were Javvier Pitovao for Rugby League and ‘Alosi Bloomfield for Football.

The evening included speeches by Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm, guest speaker Inspector Fata Willie Fa’anene of the Waitakere Police, and Head Boy Denzel Robertson. There were performances by the Samoan Girls’ Cultural Group and Cook Islands dancer Lausapai Nikoro, and the Year 13 Taualuga.

A special tribute was paid to Mrs Siutu Ah Kuoi (above right), who has been involved with MAGS for 47 years through her children and grandchildren

Albertian police visit Pasifika students

Albertian police are pictured with Pasifika Prefects and leaders, guest speakers Detective Inspector Fa’amanuia Va’aelua (back row, centre) and Detective Constable Fiao’o Fa’amausili, also Captain of the Black Ferns women’s rugby team, Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm and Head of Pasifika Initiatives Ms Va Anisi.

A dozen Albertian police officers attended the final Pasifika Assembly of the year to encourage students plan a career, and consider policing.

The Captain of the Black Ferns women’s rugby team, Detective Constable Fiao’o Fa’amausili, also attended, with her message particularly aimed at Pasifika girls.

Detective Inspector Fa’amanuia Va’aelua, whose daughter Aleisha is in Year 9 at MAGS, has been a policeman for nearly 30 years and is now one of the most highly ranked Pasifika officers in the country. He is in charge of co-ordinating serious crime investigations in the Counties Manukau district.

“Policing has taken me through New Zealand and around the world, including to my home country of Samoa, but its biggest reward is being able to help the community, particularly the Samoan community,” said Detective Inspector Va’aelua, adding that being fluent in a Pasifika language was a significant advantage. “The new Government has undertaken to recruit 1000 extra officers, and we are targetting Pasifika and ethnic recruits because Auckland is such a culturally diverse city.”

Detective Inspector Va’aelua, who was awarded a Queen’s Service Medal for going above and beyond his duties to help the community, was backed by 12 Albertian police who had gathered from stations all over Auckland.

“I encourage you to consider policing as a career, but whatever you do, give it heaps.”

Detective Constable Fa’amausili, who led their Black Ferns to their fourth World Cup victory in August, said women and Pasifika people were still under-represented in the police, but that should not hold back Pasifika girls from considering the police as a career.

“You can do whatever you want to do, and you can make a difference. Keep your Pasifika identity, be proud of who we are, and it will also help you in your work.”

Whatever career paths the students chose to follow, Detective Constable Fa’amausili advised them to make a plan and follow through. “There will be struggles and setbacks, but remember, you never lose. You only learn, or win.”

Pasifika students honoured at Leadership and Scholars' Assemblies

MAGS’ Pasifika students celebrated new milestones in academic and leadership success at the Scholars’ and Leadership Assemblies in February.

Four students gained five NZQA Scholarships between them, and a record 19 were endorsed with Merit or Excellence in NCEA Level 3.

In Leadership, Denzel Robertson was named Head Boy, and ‘Alosi Bloomfield is Deputy Head Girl. A record 14 Pasifika students feature among the 2017 Prefect team.

Denzel Robertson (far left) is MAGS’ Head Boy for 2017, and ‘Alosi Bloomfield (far right) is Deputy Head Girl.

Academic success

Pasifika students who gained Excellence in NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3, and who attained NZQA Scholarships, received their Scholar Lion badges at the Scholars’ Assembly on Monday, 20 February.

Luke Fitzpatrick gained two Scholarships in Calculus and Statistics, 2016 Head Girl Leilani Ioelu attained Scholarship Statistics for the second time, Lorenzo Vea’ila gained Scholarship Drama, and Monique Kost attained Scholarship Dance. Only the top 3% of students who sit a Scholarship exam are awarded it.

Six students gained NCEA Level 3 with Excellence: Luke Fitzpatrick, Isabella Ieremia, Leilani Ioelu, Monique Kost, Caitlin Pritchard and Sabian Scott.

A further 13 Pasifika students gained Level 3 with Merit: Agnes Ah Yen, Ruth Alesana, Jessie Amiatu, Siosiua Atuekaho, France Bloomfield, Caleb Faleolo, Trent Kimiangatau, Jolame Maile, James Pickering, Paul Roache, Wally Tanoai, Folau Tu’inukuafe, Lorenzo Vea’ila

Pasifika Leadership

In addition to Denzel and ‘Alosi’s appointments to the Prefect Executive, the following Pasifika students were named as Prefects for 2017 at the Leadership Assembly on Thursday, 16 February: Aaron Fa’asalafa, Noah Foster, Fia Jones, Lausapai Nikoro, Desmond Petelo, Javvier Pitovao, Ceylonese Taumaoe, Ethan Taumaoe, William Sharkey, Paris Shum, Shakthi Singh, Vaimoana Va’ai.

The 14 Prefects will lead the Pasifika Council. Year 12 leaders will also contribute to the leadership group.

Pasifika and Maori students introduced to Auckland University courses

Nine students in Year 10 attended Auckland University’s BEAMS 2016 programme on 29 November to have a taste of what some of its faculties have to offer.

Tangiwairoa Cook, Darhys Simone, Mercer Davis, Philip Taua, Abbey-Jean Kaipara, Aka Bloomfield, Assina Te Paa-Kolio, Tuhaka Te Pou Kohere, Mary-Jane Vavetuki were exposed to areas at the University where Maori and Pasifika students are under-represented. These are Business, Engineering, Architecture, Medicine and Science, hence the acronym BEAMS.

The students took part in interactive workshops to explore each of the faculties. At the Business school they had a go at being managers of the Warriors rugby league team; in Architecture they built support structures from paper; in Engineering they designed their own web page; in Medicine they tested each others’ reflexes and blood pressure; and in Science they put eggs in protection capsules and dropped them from a height to see if they would ‘survive’ the fall.

The day ended with four of the Mags students winning the “Most Valuable Player Awards” out of the firve participating teams.

Pasifika Celebration Dinner 2016

MAGS’ top Pasifika students were acknowledged and celebrated at the annual Pasifika Celebration Dinner on Friday, 28 October.

Luke Fitzpatrick and Head Girl Leilani Ioelu won the Year 13 Awards for Academic Excellence. The top Year 12 student was Vaimoana Va’ai; the top Year 11 student was her sister, Roselyne. Leilani also won the Best All Round Pasifika Student award.

The Tagaloa Peter Su’a Award for Services to the Performing Arts went to Ruth Alesana and Siosiua Atuekaho for their achievement and service in Music, Drama and Dance.

The Pasifika Sportsman and Sportswoman Awards went to the two students who are also the school’s Victor Ludorum and Victrix Ludorum for 2016, Paul Roache and Caitlin Pritchard.

The evening included a speech by Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm, performances by Siosiua and the Cook Island Cultural Group, and the Year 13 Taualuga.