Life at School House

 The videos below and the information beneath offer an insight into the unique advantages for boys boarding at MAGS.

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School House:
Growing Great Young Men

Life at School House:
Hokioramai’s Story

Life at School House:
Luke’s Story

Life at School House:
Ullrich’s Story

Life at School House:
Luke’s Story

Life at School House:
Harrison’s Story

Boarding for Boys

There are few state-funded schools that boast a boarding establishment. School House was opened in 1927 and has forged a tradition rich in academic, sporting and cultural achievement.

School House caters for 107 boys from New Zealand and around the world, all of whom are assisted to grow and fulfil their potential in a safe, structured and caring environment.

Boys may board for five or seven days per week, at the same term rate, with fees payable a term in advance.

These fees cover three meals a day as well as afternoon tea and supper, laundry, accommodation and recreation.

Boys are supervised at all times and can only obtain leave passes by prior arrangement with the School House staff. Overnight leave is approved only by the Director.

School House boys are provided with extra educational opportunities. Supervised homework and study programmes take place between 7.15pm and 8.50pm Sunday to Thursday. Printing access is available in the lounge area for study purposes.

Each dormitory accommodates 21 boys: Year 9 and 10 boys share a room in single beds, Year 11 and 12 boys share a room with study facilities, and most Year 13 boys each have their own room with study facilities. Each House has three Prefects.

The Houses are named after four early House leaders (Bridger, Fleming, Hunter and Spence) and the foundation Senior Housemaster (Towers – Herbie Towers taught at the School for over half a century).

On-site Director

School House is under the control of the Director, one of the School’s senior teaching staff who lives on the premises with his family, and a group of live-in teaching staff. There is also a group of 15 Prefects appointed each year, one of whom is the Head Prefect.

The School House Philosophy consists of four basic tenets:

  • Each boy will have a secure, safe and clean environment to live in.
  • Each boy will be given the opportunity to fulfil his academic, sporting, cultural and leadership potential.
  • Each boy is expected to participate as fully as possible in the wider life of the School.
  • Each boy is taught to be self-disciplined and well organised, and to maintain a consistently high standard of behaviour in the School and in School House.