Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Mount Albert Grammar School: an aspirational, resilient learning community that affirms personal excellence.

Mount Albert Grammar School Values

Strategic Plan: 2018-2022

Academic Excellence

Lift the performance of each student to meet their personal academic aspirations and those of their whanau, enabling the school to attain the best NCEA results at all levels compared to other New Zealand schools in its decile band.

Excellent Outcomes for Maori

In accordance with the Treaty of Waitangi and Te Tuhonohono Relationship Agreement between MAGS and Maori communities, ensure that Maori succeed as Maori and aspire to excellence in all areas of life, both as students and in their respective Iwi, hapu and whanau. Achieve annual increases in the percentage of Maori students obtaining Merit and Excellence NCEA endorsements at all levels while supporting them to uphold Maori values including Rangatiratanga, Manaakitanga, Whanaungatanga, Mana and Aroha which are aligned to the MAGS Way. Ensure that these values are respected throughout the school with all students having opportunities to learn tikanga Maori and Maori language.

Excellent Outcomes for Pasifika

Ensure that Pasifika students achieve the same level of NCEA results as other groups in the school at all levels and that no Pasifika student leaves the school without a relevant career development pathway. Obtain support for this from the Pasifika parents and community in accord with the Pasifika Partnership Agreement, focusing on students obtaining Merit and Excellence endorsements in literacy and numeracy while encouraging participation in Pasifika arts and culture. In accordance with the Pasifika Educational Plan and the Pasifika Partnership Agreement our students will gain knowledge and skills necessary to do well for themselves, their culture and communities, focusing on lifting literacy, numeracy and language. While still retaining their cultural identity, our students are given every opportunity to attain higher levels of NCEA qualifications and education.

Arts Excellence

Be the best performing and visual arts secondary school in New Zealand by increasing the profile of MAGS Arts so that it is comparable to that of MAGS Sports including providing support for Pasifika Arts and having MAGS Kapa Haka achieving top four status at Polyfest. Provide the support and create the opportunities required for our students to achieve excellence in their chosen Arts endeavours and to be at the forefront of performance and visual arts in New Zealand.

Sporting Excellence

Be at the forefront of sporting innovation and success at the New Zealand secondary school level.

Growing Outstanding Leaders

Grow and encourage MAGS students and staff to be confident leaders in all areas of school life and in the wider MAGS community, equipping them to be good citizens and leaders in society.

Staff Wellbeing and Excellence

Recruit, retain and develop outstanding teaching and support staff that are fully committed to meeting the needs of the students and feel valued as professionals.

Student Wellbeing

Promote the MAGS values and the MAGS Way throughout the school, achieving an exciting, safe and positive environment where genuine student voice, diversity and individuality are acknowledged and celebrated.

21 st Century Learning Environment

Ensure that students and their teachers have access to tools that enable them to excel in their education while maintaining a sustainable environment.

The Wider MAGS Community

Mutually benefit the school and the wider MAGS community by enhancing and maintaining communication networks across all community stakeholder groups, providing them with accurate and timely information and by achieving annual growth of the Albertians Association and the MAGS Foundation.