Hall of Distinction

The Hall of Distinction was established in 1997 as part of the 75th Jubilee celebrations. Membership of the Hall is an honour for past masters of the School who have significantly contributed to the spirit of the School and for Albertians in recognition of their efforts and achievements in the community.

There were fourteen inaugural members and others are inducted on special occasions.

Inducted 2023

John Puiatau Pule ONZM (1974-1975)
For services to art and literature

Stanley Arthur Palmer ONZM (1950-1953)
For services to painting and printmaking

Stephen Bambury (1968-1969)
For services to painting

Billy Apple ONZM NZ Icon (1948-1951)
For services to pop art

John Stanley Edgar ONZM (1964-1968)
For services to sculpture

Inducted 2017

Dr Ronald John (Ron) GoodeyCNZM, BMedSc, MBChB, FRACS, (1952-1956)
For services to medicine and the community

Inducted 2016

Eduard Koert (Ted) van Arkel, FNZIM, CFInstD (1957-1958)
For services to business

Inducted 2015

Dr Alan Esmond Bollard, CMNZ, PhD, LLD, FRSNZ (1964-1968)
For services to the State

Andrew William Harmos, LLB (Hons), BCom (1972-1975)
For services to law

Inducted 2014

Sonaima Maria Tutaia (2004)
For services to netball

Inducted 2013

John Massy Stacpoole, OBE (1932-1935)
For services to architecture and heritage

Inducted 2012

Professor Michael Mathew Walker ONZM, PhD, FRSNZ (1967-1971)
For services to biological research

Gregory James Moyle ED, JP, MCom(Hons), LLB, AFA, CFPcm, CLUcm, ACA, ACIS, CMA (1968-1972)
For services to the community and the School

Inducted 2011

Hon Dr Michael Edward Rainton Bassett QSO, MA, PhD (1953-1955)
For services to politics and historical research

Dr Richard Kenneth (Dick) Dell QSO, BA, DipEd, MSc, DSc, FRSNZ, FMANZ (1933-1936)
For services to zoology

Inducted 2010

Lt Cdr Connell Percy (Con) Thode OBE (1925-1926)
For services to yachting and the navy

Inducted 2009

Professor Sir Graeme Davies BEng, PhD, MA, ScD, FREng, FRSE (1950-1954)
For services to tertiary education

Sir Peter Graham Siddell KNZM, QSO, (1949-1951)
For services to art

Dr Newton Ernest (Wicky) Wickham CBE, BDS, DDS, FNZDA (1931-1934)
For services to dentistry and philanthropy

Inducted 2008

Professor Jack Arthur Walter (JAW) Bennett DPhil, FBA (1925-1928)
For services to philology

Alexander Wyclif (Clif) Reed (1922-1924)
For services to publishing

Professor Christian Karlson (CK, Karl) Stead ONZ, CBE, PhD, LittD (1946-1950)
For services to literature

Professor David Kronfeld MA, PhD, DSc, MVSc, MRCVS, DAVIM, DACV (1942-1945)
For services to veterinary science

Professor Michael Bruce (Mike) Taggart LLB, LLM (1969-1973)
For services to the legal profession

Walter Mervyn (Merv) Wallace (1930)
For services to cricket

Inducted 2006

George Gregory (Greg) Taylor ONZM, MA (1960-1964) (1988-2006)
For services as the fifth headmaster of the School

Peter Herbert Thorp LLB (1964-1968)
For services to the Board of Trustees

Inducted 2005

Dr Ronald Albert (Ron) Barker CBE, MBChB, FRCP, FRACP (1934-1939)
For services to health

Leonard Ramsay (Len) Castle CBE, CNZM, BSc (1938-1942) (1948-1958)
For services to pottery

Inducted 2004

Dr Edward George (Ted) Bollard PhD, DSc, FRSNZ (1934-1938)
For services to botany

Professor Richard Ellis Ford (Dick) Matthews ONZ, PhD, DSc, FRS, FRSNZ (1934-1937)
For services to microbiology

Professor John Desmon (Jack) Sinclair BMedSc, MBChB, MD, FRACP (1939-1943)
For services to athletics and medicine

Professor Sir Phillip John Scott KBE, MMedSc, MBChB, MD, FRCP, FRSNZ (1947-1948)
For services to medicine

Inducted 2003

Gordon Walter Burgess OBE (1931-1935)
For services to cricket

Graham Read Burgess MNZM (1933-1938)
For services to cricket and the School

Inducted 2002

Claude Ronald (Ron) Hemus MA (1932-1937) (1952-1984)
For services as Housemaster and Master of the School

Dr Harold McLean (Hal) Harding MBChB, DipObst, MRNZCGP (1938-1942)
For services to the School and the School House

Dr Richard George (Dick) Lawrence MNZM, MBChB, FRACP, MRNZCGP (1942-1947)
For services to School House and the community

Sir Alan Stewart KBE, CBE, PhD (1934-1935)
For services to agriculture

Inducted 2000

Professor Russell Cyril James Stone ONZM, PhD (1936-1940)
For services to historical research and the School

Neville Athol Channon (NAC) McMillan MA (1936-1940) (1949-1955)
For services to sport, historical research and the School

Inducted 1999

Kerry Ayling Ashby MNZM (1942-1946)
For services to rowing and the School

Inducted 1997

Frank William (Freddie) Gamble MA (1922-1946)
For services as the first headmaster of the School

Herbert Lee (Herbie) Towers OBE, BA, BSc (1922-1979)
For services as master of the School

James Goldie (Goldie, Butch) Brown MA (1928-1967)
For services as Housemaster and master of the School

Gordon Lindsay (Dad) Weir BA (1922-1926) (1938-1978)
For services to rugby, cricket and master of the School

Judge Michael John Albert (Mick) Brown LLD (1951-1955)
For services to law and the community

Sir Robert David Muldoon GCMG, CH (1933-1936)
For services to politics

Sir Woolf Fisher Kt (1926-1928)
For services to industry

Sir Peter George Snell KNZM, OBE, PhD (1955-1957)

For services to athletics

Arthur Leslie Lydiard ONZ, KWCWR (1931-1932)
For services to athletics and fitness

Sir Donald Conroy McIntyre Kt, CBE (1948-1953)
For services to opera

Bryan George (BG) Williams MBE, LLB (1963-1967)
For services to rugby and the community

Leslie Roy (Les) Mills MBE (1949-1951)
For services to athletics and politics

Professor Richard Horton Beauclere (Dick) Toy PhD (1926-1929)
For services to architecture

Professor Sir Keith Sinclair Kt, PhD, LittD (1936-1939)
For services to history and literature

Inductees – 30 June 2008

Jack Bennett, Clif Reed and CK Stead

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Inductees – 17 October 2008

David Kronfeld, Mike Taggart and Merv Wallace

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Inductee – 3 April 2009

Professor Sir Graeme Davies

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Inductees – 7 August 2009

Sir Peter Siddell and Newton Wickham

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Inductee – 9 December 2010

Connell P Thode

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Inductees – 1 November 2011

Dr Richard Dell and the Hon. Dr Michael Bassett.

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Inductee – 19 March 2012

Professor Michael Mathew Walker

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Inductee – 20 August 2012

Gregory James Moyle

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Inductee – 14 October 2013

John Massy Stacpoole

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Ms Maria Tutaia – 2014
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Dr Alan Bollard – 2015
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Mr Andrew Harmos – 2015
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Mr Ted van Arkel – 2016
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