Food & Hospitality

The Food & Hospitality Department is part of the Technology Faculty. Courses are offered at Senior level, both in nutrition and hospitality areas. This subject gives a great opportunity to the students to learn some basic skill of life – cooking and thinking about food choices they make and how that affects their bodies.

At Level 1, students learn about food habits from various cultures around the world to understand the choices made by people of that culture. They also learn nutritional facts about the food they eat and the consequences from bad eating habits. Students enjoy learning basic culinary skills that will give them a good start to cooking in adult life.

At Level 2, students follow the Hospitality pathway and learn advanced culinary and barista skills. They have the opportunity to practice coffee-making and serving to real customers. This skill is helpful in obtaining jobs in the real world, tapping into coffee culture. Students also extend their cooking skills and prepare for the next level.

At Level 3, students work in partnership with Auckland Institute of Studies. This opportunity provides real life experience in working in a cafe and serving real customers. They learn how to prepare and cook food in a commercial environment, and provide professional counter service. This experience provides not only practical skills, but gives students confidence and a sense of responsibility as they approach work in the commercial world.

Food & Hospitality opens doors to various part-time and full time jobs in the hospitality industry, and also to further study, leading to careers in service and eventual business ownership in the hospitality, travel and tourism industries.

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