In addition to year level academic performances, MAGS holds a school production each year for which all students may audition. Past productions include A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Grimm’s Tales, and an original student-led work, Four Out of Five.

Drama is a feature of the Arts Alive and Junior Bytes concerts in Term 3, and students may also have the opportunity to perform at outside events, such as the Storylines Festival.

There are also leadership opportunities through the student Arts Committee.

Students should listen out for Drama opportunities in the Daily Notices; parents and students can check the Notices online through the Parent and Student Portal.

To enquire about Drama groups and programmes, email Head of Drama Miss Carmela Hughes: [email protected]

Other Drama opportunities include:

Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Competition
All students at MAGS have the opportunity to audition to perform in the national competition which is held at the end of Term 1. Senior students choose scenes to direct and run the auditions.  This is a great opportunity to perform with students of different ages, to experiment, and work collaboratively on innovative projects. Awards for this competition include travelling to The Globe Theatre in London.

Theatresports is a fun, whanau orientated group of enthusiastic young people who meet once a week after school. Emphasis is placed on participation and growth of improvisation skills with training from student leaders and outside experts. Students are selected to represent the school in exchanges and in an Auckland-wide Theatresports competition. This group is available to students of all Year levels and experience.

Musical Theatre Group meets once a week to produce different numbers from a range of musicals. Run by student tutors, students in this group learn different performance skills specific to Musical Theatre, including singing and dance.

School Production

In addition to year level academic performances, our goal is to bi-annually present a school production. Past productions include A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Grimm’s Tales, an original student-led work –  Four Out of Five, and The Green Room.

Backstage Help: Every production needs a crew. These are garnered through volunteering of students who are interested in drama technologies such as set, props, costume, makeup, lighting and sound.

For more information or to join, email Miss Carmela Hughes: [email protected]