Students are welcome to drop into the Health Centre before school, after school and during break times. Any visits during lessons will require a permission slip from their teacher.

Claire Brown, Ade Brierley and Tania Scahill are Mount Albert Grammar School’s nurses. They are Registered Nurses who work in accordance with the New Zealand Nursing Council Code of Conduct, to offer a youth-friendly confidential service.

The student health centre is open from 8am-4pm Monday to Friday during term time. The recommended appointment duration is 15 minutes, though can be shorter or longer depending on the case.

The Health Centre is part of the Student Centre, located in the Maurice Hall Building with access from the atrium.


We believe in supporting students and their family/whanau to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.


Students are welcome to drop into the Health Centre before school, after school and during break times.

If they need to see us during school lessons they will require a permission slip from their teacher.

Students are followed up during class-time and will be called to come to clinic if need be.

Review of dressings is done during their own time, ie, before or after school, at interval or lunchtime.


We welcome contact from parents and caregivers if they have concerns regarding their child, such as:

  • Long term health or medical needs
  • Referrals from outside agencies for dressings
  • Support with healthy dietary habits and exercise choices
  • Puberty/sexual health
  • Vision or hearing concerns

If  students have any long term medical needs or condition, we would appreciate receiving relevant information that you may have from the doctor, hospital or clinic that he or she attends so that so that we may assist in supporting him or her during their years at MAGS.


To assist with the administration of medication if necessary while at school, we require parents or caregivers to give written permission, any relevant doctor’s letters and the correctly labelled and prescribed medication. This will be kept in a locked cupboard.

Services provided by the Health Centre include:

  • First aid for injuries – abrasions, lacerations, burns, concussion, limb injuries
  • Dressings
  • Management and education of menstruation concerns
  • Health promotion
  • Health assessments
  • Referral to school-based physiotherapist
  • At some stage your child may have a HEADSASS (holistic) assessment with the Nurse.
  • In the case of an emergency and/or when deemed necessary after assessment by a registered nurse, an ambulance will be called to aid in the medical support of your child. Caregivers will be contacted by a representative of the school to inform that an ambulance has been called to assist based on the professional opinion of the Nurse. If it is required that the student be taken to hospital or Accident and Emergency prior to a caregiver being able to make it to MAGS, a representative from MAGS will travel with your child. Consent for this to happen is given on the student’s enrolment form. Any cost for an ambulance is not covered by the school; this will be at the parents’ expense.

Agency liaison

As health professionals we work closely with other professionals within the school environment and with outside agencies:

  • Guidance Counsellors, Deans, Teachers
  • RTLB
  • Accident and Medical Clinics, GP clinics
  • Dental services
  • Public Health Nurses
  • Family Doctors
  • Mental Health Services

Claire Brown
Ph 09 846 2044, ext 8108

Ade Brierley
Ph 09 846 2044, ext 8108

Tania Scahill
Ph 09 846 2044, ext 8108