Junior School

Welcome to the Junior School

At Mount Albert Grammar School Year 9 and 10 students have the best of both worlds – learning in single-sex classes in a co-educational environment.

Year 9 and 10 classes are single sex. This is because, at this age, boys and girls have quite different learning needs that are best addressed in single sex classes. Option classes in the Junior school, however, are co-educational as this allows for a more comprehensive choice of Option subjects for students.

In Year 11 classes are generally co-educational and in Years 12 and 13 all classes are co-educational.

This is a unique arrangement and designed to get the best out of both settings at the time when it is most appropriate. Individual Departments modify content and teaching styles to meet the needs of the single sex classes. Students, staff and parents have all commented on the model as ideal.

In addition, our Year 9 students are supported in settling into MAGS by our Year 13 Peer Support Leaders. Each Year 9 class has one or two Leaders assigned. The Year 13s meet their Year 9 charges on their first day at school to help the classmates get to know each other and show them around the campus. The Peer Support Leaders stay in touch with their class throughout the Year 9s’ first year to ensure the youngsters feel safe, happy and confident to ask for help if they need it.
As part of their induction into MAGS, Year 9 Boys attend daily assemblies in the school’s Albertian Quad. Run by the Headmaster, Deputy Principals and Dean, these assemblies serve to set standards, remind boys of school traditions and expectations, and inspire through short talks on a range of topics. They provide a structure, routine and sense of community that increases boys’ sense of belonging at MAGS and helps to ensure a safe and orderly school environment – factors that are critical to the success of boys in education.