‘Rosie’ plays to full houses

This week the Drama Department held its Level 1 Production Rosie to full houses across four nights.
The show was a testament to the passion and dedication of the students to the Drama whānau, as Year 10 and senior students stepped in to fill roles of students who were isolating or unwell.
HOD Drama Ms Hughes said, “A special mention of praise must be given to the individuals for whom this was their debut performance. The students performed with energy, enthusiasm and excellent performance skills.
“The feedback from the audiences was heart-warming, specifically from those who felt a personal connection to those who lived through WWII in Aotearoa.
The play centres around Rosie, who is navigating her fourteenth year alive as her family of five, living in Dunedin during the peak of World War II, is rocked by the circumstances of wartime.
Ms Hughes added, “This show will be remembered as a feat of perseverance for everyone involved.”