Scholars Assembly 2024

MAGS welcomed back many of its top academics to celebrate their and our current students’ success in last year’s NCEA and Scholarship exams at today’s Scholars Assembly.
Those recognised today included Samuel Reeves and Jude Wilson, Top Scholars in German and Technology respectively, while Jacob Miller, Lam Nguyen, Max Stiven and Oliver Tang were acknowledged for being named named Outstanding Scholars (placing them among the top 70 Scholarship students in New Zealand).

Stella Anderson is pictured with Mr Drumm and Brian McMath, who presented her with the June Gray Scholarship.

The June Gray Charitable Trust Tertiary Education Scholarship was also presented today, to Stella Anderson by Brian McMath.
The success of our students contributed towards record results for MAGS in the 2023 Scholarship exams with an historic 127 Scholarships gained, 19 of which were Outstanding.
Overall, 14 MAGS students gained Scholarship Awards by passing three or more Scholarship subjects or gaining at least two Outstanding Scholarships. These students’ names will go up on our Honours Board in the F.W. Gamble Hall.
Chief among them is our 2023 Boys Dux Oliver Tang, who amassed eight Scholarships – in English, Biology (Outstanding), Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Space Science, Statistics, Calculus, and Religious Studies.
Lam Nguyen achieved Scholarship in six subjects – Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics (O), Calculus (O), and Health and Physical Education. Jacob Miller had three Outstanding results in his five Scholarships – Chemistry (O), Physics, Statistics, Calculus (O), and Geography (O). Max Stiven gained five Scholarships – in Biology (O), Chemistry, Statistics, Accounting, and Economics.
Jay McElwee gained five Scholarships – in Biology, Physics, Statistics, Calculus, and Painting. Ryan Shen gained five Scholarships – in English, Statistics, Geography, Health and Physical Education, and Religious Studies.
Our 2023 Girls Dux Ella Edwards gained four Scholarships – Biology, Statistics, History, and Religious Studies (O).
Anatol Coen achieved four Scholarships – in Chemistry, Physics (O), Statistics and Calculus.
Eric Hu gained four Scholarships – in Biology (O), Chemistry, Physics and Calculus.
Hilarie Reid earned four Scholarships – in English, Biology, Chemistry, and Statistics. Hannah Ellis-Ducobu gained three Scholarships – in Biology, Chemistry, and Statistics. Keira Mulgrew achieved three Scholarships – in Statistics, Design and Economics. Samuel Reeves earned three Scholarships in German (O), Biology, and Chemistry. Hannah Moy gained two Outstanding awards in Biology and Classical Studies.
There were 289 Scholar Lions Award winners for 2023, with 103 in Level 1, 119 in Level 2, and  67 in Level 3. There were 66 students who gained one or more Scholarship, with 20 of them in Year 12 and two in Year 11.
Our Scholars Assembly audience was also treated to a great rendition of Sam Cooke’s A Change is Gonna Come by Emma Newland (vocals) and Theo Wright (guitar).