Record Scholarship Results in 2020

MAGS students again delivered outstanding academic results with a record 121 Scholarships, including 15 at Outstanding level, in the 2020 NZ Scholarship exams.
Last year’s Boys Dux Matthew Somerville, Girls Dux Caitlin Mitchell (both pictured above), Proxime Accessit Eric Shen and Woolf Fisher Scholarship winner Alex Pullen were standouts among the eight MAGS students who gained three or more Scholarships and will have their names inscribed on the Honours Board. Matthew, Alex and Eric were later named Outstanding Scholars, while Bethany Fletcher was Top Subject Scholar in Dance.

Bethany Fletcher

Top Subject Scholars receive $2000 a year for three years towards tertiary studies. To qualify to be considered for an Outstanding Scholarship, students must achieve three Scholarships including at least two at Outstanding (O) level, or more than three Scholarships including at least one at Outstanding level. These scholarships are limited in number, and successful students gain $5000 per year for three years towards tertiary studies.
Bethany’s success was part of all five students who submitted for Dance gaining Scholarship. She and Faolan Okan received two of the only three Outstanding Scholarships awarded in Dance nationwide.
Matthew, the first Year 12 student to be named Dux, gained five Scholarships in English, Biology (Outstanding), Earth & Space Science, Statistics (O) and Calculus; Caitlin gained four Scholarships in Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, and Calculus (O); Eric amassed an incredible seven Scholarships in English, Biology, Physics, Earth & Space Science, Statistics, Health and Physical Education, and Technology (O); and Alex gained six Scholarships in English, Chemistry, Physics, Earth & Space Science, Statistics (O), and Calculus.

They will have their names inscribed on the Honours Board along with the following students:

Frances Belt                            English, Art History, Media Studies

Finnian Montgomery              Chemistry, Physics, Calculus

Thomas Rich                           English, Classical Studies, Religious Studies (Outstanding)

Juliana Zhu                              English, Statistics, Accounting

Their success was to be celebrated on February 17 at the Scholars Assembly but that was cancelled due to the Level 3 Lockdown. But that does not change the outstanding results with 121 Scholarships (104 in 2019).

  • 396 (349 in 2019) Excellence Level Scholar Lions awarded or re-awarded [139 L1 (139 in 2019); 136 L2 (130 in 2019); 91 L3 (80 in 2019)]
  • 15 Outstanding Scholarships (9 in 2019)
  • 62 students gained one or two Scholarships (54 in 2019)
  • 1 Outstanding Scholarship gained by a Year 11 pupil in Calculus

You can see a full list of Scholar Lions and Scholarship winners here