Outstanding Scholarship results in 2022

Yujia Karen Zheng

Girls and Boys Dux Deboprana Mallick and Wesley Donald pictured after Senior Prizegiving  with Professor Peter Phillips, an Albertian and Dux in 1965, who donated and presented the Centennial Cups for Dux.

MAGS students have delivered some of our best Scholarship results, with our 2022 Girls Dux Deboprana Mallick winning a Premier Award and 2022 Boys Dux Wesley Donald being named an Outstanding Scholar along with Yujia Karen Zheng (pictured right).
They were among 15 MAGS students who gained Scholarship Awards (worth $2000 each year for up to three years) and whose names will go up on our Honours Board in the F.W. Gamble Hall. All together, MAGS students gained 118 Scholarships with 15 of those at Outstanding level.
Deboprana’s Premier Award places her among the top 11 scholars in the country and is worth $10,000 a year for up to three years of tertiary study.
She earned Outstanding Scholarships in Calculus, Earth and Space Science and Economics; and Scholarships in Chemistry, English, Physics and Statistics.
Wesley and Yujia Karen are among the top 70 scholars in the country and their Outstanding Scholar Awards are worth $5000 a year for up to three years.
Wesley earned Outstanding Scholarships in Statistics and Calculus; and Scholarships in Chemistry, Physics and Geography. Yujia earned Outstanding Scholarships in English and Chinese; and Scholarships in Physics and Calculus.
Our other Scholarship Award winners were Alexandra Barker (Biology, History, Classical Studies), Anatol Coen (French, Physics (O), Calculus), Emma Cook (Dance, Economics, History), George Cooper (English, Biology, History), Max Davison (Biology, Calculus, Geography, Religious Studies), Nishera Gnanendra (English, Statistics, Religious Studies), Greeshma Kasuganti (Biology, Statistics, Religious Studies (O), Geography), Yasmin Lakeman (Biology, Statistics (O), Calculus), Alan Li  (Physics, Calculus, Accounting), Oliver Tang (Earth & Space Science, Statistics, Calculus), Eva Wadsworth (Biology (O), Statistics, Health & Physical Education), Vivienne Hei Man Wong (Statistics, Calculus, Accounting).