Dr Ron Goodey – 2017

Dr Ron Goodey with friend and colleague Dr Murali Mahadevan, and family members, from left, daughters Heather and Margaret, wife Lesley, and sisters Marilyn, Bernice and Ngaire.

World-renowned surgeon Dr Ron Goodey was inducted into the Mount Albert Grammar School Hall of Distinction on Thursday, November 30, 2017.

The ceremony fittingly took place at a gathering of Albertians for a special Christmas Luncheon and the AGM, also attended by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr Greg Moyle, President of the Albertians’ Association Mr Aftab Moosa, Chairman of the MAGS Foundation Mr Peter Thorp, and former Headmasters Mr Greg Taylor and Mr Maurice Hall.

Dr Goodey, who attended MAGS from 1952-1956 and was Dux in his final year, was accompanied by his wife Lesley, two of their four children, and Dr Goodey’s three sisters.

His citation was read by his longtime friend and colleague, Dr Murali Mahadevan, who spoke of Dr Goodey’s world leading research and treatment of hearing problems, including pioneering cochlear implants and tinnitus research, and establishing Hearing House to help children with cochlear implants and others to acquire language and communicate.

In his speech, Dr Goodey warmly recalled his time at Mount Albert Grammar where, like today, students were encouraged to try a variety of sports and artistic pursuits in addition to striving academically.

He was pleased to be able to help some of his teachers later in life when they came to him as patients, and admired the work of other teachers he met at Hearing House. “I have immense gratitude and respect for teachers at MAGS and everywhere – they deserve greater recognition for their ability to teach students how to seek and utilise information to become the citizens we need.

“I feel privileged to have been a student of MAGS, am very proud to be an Albertian, and very very proud to be inducted into the Hall of Distinction.”