Lucy Woodall and Marcus Savelio (pictured above with Headmaster Mr Drumm) have been named 2021 Girls’ and Boys’ Dux Artium respectively in this year’s Arts Awards.
Lucy, who is a student of Media Studies, Design and Painting, is an Arts Prefect and Arts Leader in Visual Arts, and a two-time Arts Lion recipient.

Lucy Woodall’s work was judged the best senior painting at the MAGS Art Show.

As part of the Arts Awards, Lucy was also the recipient of the 2021 Senior Arts Cup and Trophy for Excellence in Design. Earlier in the year, she won a 2021 Pat Hanley Creativity award, and was judged the best in Senior Painting at the MAGS Art show.
She has also been a participant in Senior Debating and Spoken Word.
Director of Arts Co-curricular Jacqui Cesan said, “Lucy is a tireless contributor to Visual Arts projects and Murals at MAGS.”
Head Boy Marcus Savelio, who is a student of Dance, Drama and Media Studies, is an
Arts Leader in Dance, and a three-time Arts Lion recipient.
As part of the Arts Awards, Marcus, who was Junior Arts Dux in 2018, was a recipient of the 2021 Senior Arts awards for Leadership, Performance and Service in Dance, and Excellence in Film Making in Media Studies.
He is a dance leader and choreographer for the award-winning MAGS Mega Crew and The Pride.
Marcus was also a Dance Leader for the Boys Dance project, a member of the Centennial Choir, Samoan Group and Ball Band.
Ms Cesan said, “Marcus has made a huge contribution to the Arts and Arts projects in his time at MAGS.”
She added, “This year’s Dux Artiums are multiple Arts Lion recipients and both have been recognised not only with Arts Awards but also through success in competition.
“Both Lucy and Marcus have also been inspiring Arts leaders and have excelled as creatives and in performance. Both have also amassed an impressive array of excellence credits in Arts subjects.  But, most of all, both have involved themselves in multiple Arts and groups across their time at MAGS.”
Deputy Head Boy Tali Afele was a close contender for Dux Artium. He received the Choir Award for his leadership and example to the Centennial Choir and the school. He also won the Most Outstanding Solo Performance in Dance for his performance in “Peacock’, the Pasifika Leadership Award for his leadership of the Samoan Group, and was the recipient of the Bruce Taylor Trophy, which is awarded to the Most Dedicated All-Round Arts Student. Tali has consistently and passionately supported all Arts and cultural initiatives in his time at MAGS.
Fairuz Khairunnisa, who won the award for Outstanding Arts Service, was also recognised in music as “Best Drummer” and was the recipient of the KBB Cup.
Ms Cesan said, “Arts Service is not about just support; it’s about the willingness to be part of any initiative that assists the Arts in our school. Fairuz Khairunnisa has made herself available to all, playing in multiple music groups and at an array of school events, and has given support as a drummer for cultural groups as well as supporting Drama and Dance when ever asked.”
The Centennial Boys Choir won the award for Excellence in Extra-Curricular Representation for their outstanding performance at The Auckland Big Sing, where they won four awards and were selected for the NZ finals in Christchurch, which unfortunately did not go ahead because of Covid-19.
They also won the trophy for the Most Outstanding Group performance in Music.
Co-Leader of the Choir Henri Blakeley was awarded the John Wilmott trophy for Service to the choral programme.
Samara Brain won the award for Excellence in Arts Management as well as two awards in Dance for Excellence in Performance and Excellence in Choreography.
Ms Cesan said, “Organisation and communication is essential for Arts to function and the Arts Director and department heads rely on our wonderful Arts Prefects to help with this. Samara was given the award for her skill in management and communication between students and management in the Arts in a very difficult year.”