A year teaching in Paris

Year 13 French student Annabel Taylor will spend 2018 working as an English language assistant at MAGS’ sister school in Paris, Sainte Croix de Neuilly.

Each year MAGS runs an exchange programme with Sainte Croix; in July a group of French students spent five weeks living with their MAGS buddies, attending school and going on holiday around New Zealand. A group of New Zealand French language students are now in Paris staying with Sainte Croix families before going on a tour of France.

Annabel, who has studied French since Year 9, took part in the exchange programme in 2015-2016, and applied for a job as an English language assistant at the school next year with the help of MAGS’ Head of Languages, Ms Helen Selaries. Annabel will live in a hostel at the school with other language assistants from around the world, help in English language classes and run her own groups to help students with conversational English.

She plans to return to New Zealand in 2019 to begin a degree for a career in Human Resources, where she hopes to use her language skills.