Year 10 Drama Academy Production: Chook Chook

On July 30, the Year 10 Drama Academy performed their production Chook Chook by New Zealand playwright Fiona Farrel.
The show follows four hens stuck in a battery farm. While on the surface the show questions the ethics of caged hen farming, it is an allegory that looks at the place of women in society. The show uses comedy to express the absurdity of the ‘cages’ women can find themselves in. It then asks what we should do about it in the interests of freedom, duty, contentment or self-preservation.
HOD Drama Gerald Urquhart said, “The students performed excellently. There was a sense of joy that permeated their performance. The audience responded well to the show. There were a lot of laughs had and some serious discussion afterwards. The cast are pleased to have provoked such meaningful exchanges in such an entertaining manner. ”
A large thank you to everyone who helped make this happen, including the cast, crew and the support of the families.”

– Photos / Darcy Vasquez and Ruby Twist