Frequently Asked Questions


Is a smartphone a suitable device?

We have found that students can use phones for certain activities, but they are very limited when it comes to diagrams and publishing. A student device needs to have a minimum screen size of 10 inches. A phone is therefore not suitable as the student’s main device for learning.

Is Wi-Fi harmful to students and teachers?

The Ministry of Education has produced ​information on Wi-Fi safety in schools in which it explains that measurements in New Zealand and overseas show that exposures to radio frequency fields from WiFi equipment are extremely low, amounting to tiny fractions of the limit allowed for the public.

Am I able to lease a device?

The school has organised ways that you can purchase a device at sharp pricing from major retailers. These major retailers also offer hire purchase in addition to significant reductions on accessories such as cases and screen protectors.

See the special deals for MAGS familes here.

Our advice, however, is to wait till the end of the year when you should be able to purchase a newer model and pricing may be sharper.

What will happen if my child is not able to bring a device?

Students will be able to borrow a device during the school day at the school library from 7.30am and will need to return it to the library by 4.15pm on the same day. From 3.10pm onwards, they need to be working in the school library if they are using a school device.

One of the great advantages of BYOD is the fact that students can take their own device home and continue working on it out of school hours.

Should I insure the device?

This is a personal decision for you, but many parents do take this option. You can insure against damage and/or theft. You can also take out extended warranties.

What sort of case should I have for the device?

It is better to purchase a very strong case that will protect the device if it is dropped or placed in a full bag.

How will BYOD impact on learning?

Research shows that students with internet-capable devices have:

  • Improved motivation and engagement
  • Greater independence and access to personalised learning
  • Improved critical thinking and development of literacies in many areas.
  • Greater access to information, resources and experts
  • Greater opportunities for collaboration beyond school walls

Will my child be expected to share his/her device with others?

No, it is his/her device and students are not permitted to share their devices. This is for their protection.

How often will my child use a device ?

The device will be used only when the task in class will be enhanced by its use. Often it will not be used for the whole period. The school is conscious that students need to be involved in a variety of activities and is conscious of the dangers of too much screen time.

Can my son/daughter bring a device they have been using at intermediate school?

Yes, as long as the device is able to:

  • access the school wireless
  • access the internet and therefore also send and receive-mail
  • voice record
  • capture images and videos
  • take notes
  • hold a least six hours battery charge.

Can my son/daughter install personal software or apps on the device?

It is a student-owned device, so they may install whatever they want to, as long as it is not illegal nor inappropriate for use at school.

Do I need to purchase Microsoft Office software for my child?

No. Generic software for web browsing, word processing etc would be satisfactory for use in class. A student at MAGS also has free access to Office 365 and very good online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

What happens if the device needs charging?

Students need to take personal responsibility for charging their device at home and ensure their device is fully charged for the school day. They will not be able to charge their device at school, except in the library at a charging point, and not during class time. They will need to stay with their device whilst it is charging. In general, students whose devices run flat during the school day will return to using pen and paper for the school day.