Current offers for the purchase of a device

Students may bring either a MacBook, a Windows laptop, an iPad with a keyboard or a Chromebook as their digital learning device.

For the best deals, we advise you to put yourself in the position to purchase with cash or EFTPOS at the end of this year or in January. Term payment is available through all retailers, but you do end up paying a lot more. We have organised the following pathways to discount pricing that are available to you.

Please note that we have not entered into partnerships with these firms and that the school will not receive any funds from these sales and we thank the companies below for their support for MAGS families.

We advise you to look at as many options as possible before deciding where to buy.

In addition to the deals offered by PB Tech and Cyclone Computing, we now have the following information from Noel Leeming Ltd.

You will receive an automatic discount in store if you mention that you are buying the device for education.

Some of this information is for schools, but most of it is for families wishing to purchase.
The BYOD Toolkit will be constantly refreshed and updated as new specials become available. This also has all the information regarding the No Interest Loans for families who qualify.
From the website,  My Noel Leeming (Register here) – will allow Education Pricing to be applied to the parent or student purchases. It is free to sign up and the first purchase over $100 will see a FREE $10 voucher credited. This is great for those parents and students who want to purchase online.

PB Tech

We recommend that you search for computers in PB Tech’s  Home and Study Laptops section.  Please create an online account, ensure you enter the membership key MTALBERT123 and sign in before you check pricing.

If you visit a PB Tech store, they will also honour the pricing on this BYOD portal.

Please download the PB Tech Flyer which you may take along with proof of a connection to MAGS to PB’s new St Luke’s Store where they will open an account and honour the online pricing.