Most apps are for iPad and Android. Those marked sub indicate a substitute app or website with the same or very similar features is available. Teachers will ask students to access further free apps as required.


All required apps should be free. iPadAndroidWebsite or other versions (available for Windows laptops , Chromebooks and MacBooks)Comment
Language/Education Perfect use Education Perfect
SeeSaw Portfolio
Voice Record Prohttps://voicerecordpro.comVoice Recorder
Adobe Reader 
Adobe Digital Editions epub & pdf (iBooks)
KAMAR MAGS student portal
Myhomework Planner
Dictionary.com Mac options
Khan Academy 
QR Code Readersub not built in
PenultimateConsult Technology Department for other drawing apps/websites.
CanvaUse web, Windows apps
PiktochartUse web app
iZip tool
ePlatform by Wheelershttps://mtalbertgrammar.wheelers.coMAGS e-books library
Library Link school library online
Swift Playgrounds iPad onlyCoding Y10 Tech
Sphero Edu For Y10 Tech
Beaker by THIX For Science
Microsoft Apps: 365 for Education
Microsoft ExcelOnline versions of all available when students log into the app version or

And use their school e-mail

All MAGS students have access to latest full versions of Office 365 for Windows and Mac for home computers, tablets and phones, 15 licences
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft TeamsUse website to complete workUse app for notifications
Office Lens  
Google Classroom 
Google Drive 
Google Docs, Sheets, Slides All three apps
Chrome recommended
iPad Apps
Pages Use versions for Android, Windows and Chromebooks. Apple ID required.Pages, Numbers and Keynote are like Word, Excel and PowerPoint
iMovie (and Clips)sub
Plus the other in-built apps that come pre-installed or are available – Garageband, Photos, Books, iTunesU