Absence and leave

Student absence

Should a student be absent from school we require an explanation from the student’s parent(s) within three days of the original absence. The student’s mentor will endeavour to make contact via phone or email, however the onus of responsibility rests with the parent(s).

There are multiple avenues to contact the school which are as follows:

  • Email your child’s mentor
  • Email sent to [email protected]
  • The MAGS app
  • Phoning the school on (09) 846 2044 (ext 8109)

It is important, and a Ministry of Education requirement, that all absences are to be explained. At times, a lack of timely communication regarding absences for which there are good reasons can result in undeserved punitive consequences; at other times communication is important to identify concerns about poor attendance for which there are no good reasons. Good attendance is one of, if not the most important contributing factor for student success and it is important that parents work with the school to maintain accurate records.


Should your child be absent from school for more than 3 days we require a Medical Certificate. This is in line with MOE guidelines.

Students signing in and out of School

Should a student need to leave school they must sign out of school via the Student Centre, and this includes pre-arranged departures or illness. Should a student suddenly take ill, while at school, they need to visit the school nurse who will assess the need to go home and ensure that their attendance reflects exactly what has taken place. One reason for this request is based within Health & Safety regulations, specifically related to school-based emergencies such as a fire. In such an event, if a student is marked present at school and has left without signing out, we have a Duty of Care to check our facilities to locate them in case they are unable to exit a building.


If a student is late to school, whatever the reason or the time of day, they must sign into school at the Student Centre. Again, this is to ensure that a student’s whereabouts is known if there is a need to locate them.

Exeats for appointments

Where possible the student should bring a note to School to show their teacher at the time of leaving, enabling the teacher to release them from class. 

A confirmation email or phone message to the Attendance Officer or Student Centre at the contacts above is also required prior to the time the student must leave School. 

The student must visit the Student Centre to sign out before leaving the School grounds.

Student leave requests

Requests for non-school related leave of one day or more during the school year must be addressed to Deputy Principal Mr Corey Todd at least two weeks before the start of proposed leave. Please give the dates of proposed absence from school and the purpose of the leave. If in writing, please address the letter to:

Mr Corey Todd
Deputy Principal
Mount Albert Grammar School
Alberton Avenue
Mt Albert
Auckland 1025

Or email  Corey Todd