Swim team national champions

By September 18, 2019Sports News

The MAGS Swim Team have won the NZ Secondary School Co-Ed Swimming Championships for the first time in the school’s history.
The event, which ran from September 12-15,  attracted 733 swimmers from 160 Secondary Schools, and was superbly run by Swimming NZ and held at the recently upgraded Waterworld aquatic facility in Hamilton.
Swimming Captain Vasilina Shipilova led the 21-strong team to this inaugural victory in her final year at MAGS, with strong personal performances including two Bronze medals, 10 Top 8 placings and was a member of the Gold medal-winning woman’s relay team.
FINA World Junior Swimming representative Brearna Crawford was also in devastating form and rewrote the record books, smashing three NZ 16 Years records, one Auckland Open and four Auckland Age Group Records as she collected nine individual Gold, and one Silver medal.
House Boy and MAGS Academy’s top male swimmer of the meet Quin Walden produced outstanding results on his way to winning Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. Quin achieved nine Top 8 national placings to lead the male points score for MAGS.
Anna McGowen, who trains with the Central City Swim Club, was the youngest member of the MAGS Swimming team and won Gold and her first ever national title in the 13 Years 100m Backstroke. A superb effort.
Coach Paul Kent said “The team came together beautifully to produce this outstanding result for our school. I have no doubt that we will look back on this event with very fond memories, and the swimmers should feel very proud of this achievement. Each team member played their part in producing these outstanding results”

Swimmer Best Top 8 placingPersonal Best SwumIndividual PointsIndividual Top 8 finishes  GoldSilverBronzeRecords
Brearna Crawford1st5255109

1x Relay


2x Relay

3x NZR, 4x AKL Age, 1x AKL OPEN
Quin Walden1st101119111x Relay
Anna McGowen1st54631 
Vasilina Shipilova1st9108101x Relay2x Relay2
Edie Ancell1st84951x Relay2x Relay
Lucy Woodall1st61x Relay2x Relay
Eva Williams3rd33041x Relay
Tito Tipi3rd51x Relay
Carwin Li3rd61x Relay
Michael Chapman3rd52221x Relay
Bowen Crawford4th11363
Hunter Dobson4th10303
Amber George4th10
Lara Grozev4th7
Bede Aitu5th182
Isla Marsh6th9101
Tony Tua-Tugaloa8th7
Justin  Hemara8th3
Rebecca Blanco2
Emily Cameron4
Mena Ren-Fritzke5


GOLD                         Brearna Crawford                    200m Breast              2.26.89

GOLD                        Brearna Crawford                    100m IM                     1.02.01 NZR 16yrs, Akl 16yrs Record

GOLD                        Brearna Crawford                    50m Back                   28.48

GOLD                       Brearna Crawford                    100m Breast              1.08.22

GOLD                       Brearna Crawford                    50m Breast                31.56        NZR 16yrs, Akl 16yrs/OPEN Record

GOLD                         Brearna Crawford                    100m Fly                    1.00.51     ASA 16yrs Record

GOLD                         Brearna Crawford                    50m Fly                      26.60        NZR 16yrs, Akl 16yrs Record

GOLD                         Brearna Crawford                    200m IM                     2.14.45

GOLD                         Brearna Crawford                    50m Free                   25.71

GOLD                         Quin Walden                              50m Back                   27.99

GOLD                         Anna McGowen                        100m Back                1.06.51

GOLD                         16/o Girls 4×50 Fr                      Brearna, Edie Ancell, Lucy Woodall, Vasilina Shipilova

Silver                         Brearna Crawford                    100m Free                 56.51

Silver                         Quin Walden                              100m Back               1.00.62

Silver                         16/o Girls 4×50 IM                      Brearna, Vasilina, Eva Williams, Edie

Silver                         16/o Girls 4×100 Fr                   Brearna, Edie, Lucy, Vasilina

Bronze                       Vasilina Shipilova                   100m Breast             1.16.06

Bronze                       Vasilina Shipilova                   200m Breast             2.41.58

Bronze                       15/u Boys 4x100m Fr                Quin, Tito Tipi, Carwin Li, Michael Chapman