Pasifika Prizegiving Dinner 2020

Achievement across Academia, Arts, Service and Sport was celebrated at the Pasifika Prizegiving Dinner, on Friday, 30 October at Sorrento in the Park.
Deputy Head Girl Ronette Va’ai and and Tali Afele welcomed guests, and were also recipients of some of the top awards.
Ronette shared the Ulugia-Pua award for Outstanding service to Mount Albert Grammar School and the Ah Kuoi Family Cup for Service to MAGS Pasifika with Iosefa Ulugia-Pua, and shared the Tupuola Apisaloma Taulapiu Cup for Cultural Leadership with Ezra Munokoa. Tali shared the Peter Su’a Dux Artium award with Tuiaki ‘Otulau.
Ruby Maoate and Iosefa Ulugia-Pua (pictured above) were named Best All Round Pasifika Students, and Ruby, who has won a Top Achiever Scholarship from the University of Auckland, was named Top Year 13 Pasifika Scholar.
Leilani Ginnen and Marcus Savelio were named Top Year 12 Pasifika Academic and Best All Round Year 12 Pasifika Students, while Lorielle Cowley and Kaemon Ah Kuoi-Simich were named Top Year 11 Pasifika Academic and Best All Round Year 11 Pasifika Students. Top All-Round Pasifika Students in Year 10 were Josie Gaoa and Isaiah Fale.
The Year 13 Pasifika Boys Siva Samoa featured students and staff showing off their dance moves, and preceded the special awards in Arts, Sports and Service.
The top sportspeople were Sataan Tawera and Latonya Lole.
The Village Community Trust Award for services to the Pasifika Council was won by Ezra Munokoa and Halle Fatuleai.
The Pasifika Leavers’ Video provided a humorous riff on school life, and that was followed by the Year 13 Taualuga, with staff, including Year 13 Dean Mr Coup and Deputy Principal Mr Stradwick showing off some outrageous moves as they danced with the students.
You can read the citations for the major prize-winners here and see a full list of prize-winners here

– Photos by Talisa Gan-Setu and Pasilika Ulugia-Pua