Orienteers discover top form

At the NISS Orienteering Championships MAGS came away with the Top School Boys Trophy, which they also won last year.
And the team won the Premier Boys Award for total points scored with top 10 finishes by Mitchell Cooper, Daniel Carroll, Liam Thompson and Tom Aish.
There were wins by Mariah Bessem in the Long Senior Girls Standard Grade and Liam Thompson in the Long Senior Boys Championship Grade. Liam also came second in the Senior Boys Sprints, as did Daniel Carroll in the Intermediate Boys Sprints, Mitchell Cooper in the Long Intermediate Boys Championship Grade, and  Molly McGowan in the Long Junior Girls Championship Grade. Anton Aish came third in the Long Senior Boys Standard Grade.
In the Relays, the Junior Boys Team of Tom Aish, Sam Taylor Sinclair and Callum Wishart came first; the Intermediate Boys Team of  Aidan Skinner, Luke Clements and Seth Dean finished third; and the Senior BoysTeam of Liam Thompson, Thomas Brendolise and Adam Bateman were second.
A team of 32 Orienteers from Mount Albert Grammar School went to the Kapiti Coast for the NISS Orienteering Championships accompanied by two coaches: Lyn Stanton and Albertian Kieran Woods.
The championships were run over three days with Sprints on Day One, the Long Individual Forest/Farm event on Day Two, and Relays on Day Three.
The top results for MAGS from the championship were:
Day One Sprints
Senior Boys: Liam Thompson 2nd, Adam Bateman 14th, Thomas Brendolise 17th.
Senior Girls: Mariah Bessem 17th.
Intermediate Boys: Daniel Carroll 2nd, Aidan Skinner 6th, Luca Eastwood 8th.
Intermediate Girls: Theané van Zyl 12th, Jydee Leonard 21st, Lucia Mackenzie 26th.
Junior Boys: Tom Aish 5th, Samuel Taylor Sinclair 14th, Callum Wishart, 22nd.
Junior Girls: Molly McGowan 8th, Lara Grozev 18th, Sofia Skinner 19th.
Day Two – Long/Individual Forest/Farm Event
Senior Boys Championship grade: Liam Thompson 1st, Adam Bateman 14th, Liam Grozev 18th
Senior Boys Standard grade: Anton Aish 3rd.
Senior Girls Standard grade: Mariah Bessem 1st.
Intermediate Boys Championship grade: Mitchell Cooper 2nd, Daniel Carroll 5th, Luca Eastwood 7th.
Intermediate Boys Standard grade: Oliver Bulman 8th, Miran Manuchehrie 15th
Intermediate Girls Championship grade: Theané van Zyl 11th, Stella Buckland 26th, Emma Johns 31st
Junior Boys Championship grade: Tom Aish 5th, Sam Taylor Sinclair 9th, Callum Wishart 22nd
Junior Girls Championship grade: Molly McGowan 2nd, Sofia Skinner 17th, Lara Grozev 20th
Junior Girls Standard grade: Alex Barker 9th
Day Three – Relay/Teams Event
Junior Boys Team: Tom Aish, Sam Taylor Sinclair and Callum Wishart 1st.
Intermediate Boys Team: Aidan Skinner, Luke Clements and Seth Dean 3rd.
Senior BoysTeam: Liam Thompson, Thomas Brendolise and Adam Bateman 2nd.