Night of the Classics 2021

The second of our music concerts – Night of the Classics – was held on July 2 at the Raye Freedman Arts Centre.
The evening opened with the Radetzky March by Strauss performed by the Concert Orchestra conducted by Mrs Moon. The orchestra also featured a number of Albertians and former staff.
This was followed by the girls and then boys choirs, who, to the audience’s delight, performed some of the repertoire from The Big Sing.
Following this, the Chamber orchestras under the baton of Ms Jenny Shih played some of their repertoire from the Chamber Contest including the performance of the award winning piece composed by MAGS student Mekal Covic. A highlight of the Chamber pieces was the stunning violin solo by student Daniel Zhang.
Next upon stage was the Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Ms Moon, and then proceedings crossed to the Jazz Band and Mr Watson.
The final performance of the night was the Concert Orchestra featuring Tali Afele on vocals who gave a rousing performance of the classic Quando Quando Quando.
Director of Arts Co-Curricular Ms Cesan said, “The audience enjoyed the concert and were generous in their appreciation at the end.”

Photos / Arnav Bhatiani and Fatima Usman