MAGS’ Strategic Plan released

Headmaster Patrick Drumm has announced the release of the new Mount Albert Grammar School Strategic Plan (2018-2022), which was ratified by the Board of Trustees at their first meeting of the year.
Mr Drumm says this document is the culmination of wide consultation across the MAGS community – a process that began towards the end of last year.
The Plan provides a clear road map to guide the school over the next five years up to the Centennial celebrations in 2022.
Mr Drumm says, “As a school, our core business will always revolve around the learning and achievement of our students. But through the consultation process parents also clearly emphasised the value of well-being for their sons and daughters during their time at MAGS. You will see this theme emerge throughout the plan alongside a focus of personal excellence for each student.”
He added, “The pace of change in education is simply a reflection of the rate at which society is evolving – particularly for our young people.
“MAGS will certainly be a different place in five years’ time! Our Strategic Plan allows us to move forward with real certainty and confidence in the time ahead – and to continue to make our school an even better place into the future.”

Click here for MAGS’ Strategic Plan