Head Prefects 2022

By January 28, 2022General News, Service

Congratulations to our Head Prefects for 2022: Wesley Donald and Lucy Taylor, who are joined by deputies Lorielle Cowley, Greeshma Kasuganti, Eva Wadsworth, Ben Skelton, Manas Chigurukota, and Isaiah Nin in the Head Prefect Executive Team.
The Head Prefect Executive team was chosen following the Prefects Camp held at MAGS’ School House.
We look forward to hearing from our Head Prefect Executive Team about their vision for the upcoming year and the way they will approach their leadership roles.

2022 Prefects:

Jackson Absolum-Leuluso’o, Dani Ah Chee-Wilson, Kaemon Ah Kuoi-Simich, Vincent Ah Soon, Sonia Airehrour, Hannah Brook, Natalie Brook, Nick Bryan, Ruby Burge, Molly Cavanagh, Manas Chigurukota, Isaac Chisholm, Pipiana Coventon, Lorielle Cowley, Max Cumberpatch, Max Davison, Wesley Donald, Alexander Fitzpatrick, Alonso Fitzpatrick, Nishera Gnanendra, Lily Gracie, Lara Grozev, Ben Hellriegel, Devendra Johnston, Nyra Kanwar, Greeshma Kasuganti, Bella Krikorian, Jessica Lal, Tabea Leonhardt, Nicholas Levy, Josh Li, Chengyi Bill Liu, Cam MacGillivray, Lucy Makinson Jack Millar, Soana Musie, Isaiah Nin, Hope Nomani, Zahnia Papali’I, Anh Minh Pam Pham, Calvin Pooley, Aleisha Roulston, Riki Ruben, Misha Simpson, Ben Skelton, Ella Sutton, Lukasz Swain, Al Tahir, Danae Tait,  Lucy Taylor, Bree Tipene, Sharon Tomokino, Eva Wadsworth, Harrison Wills, Taine Wilson, Callum Wishart, Vivienne Hei Man Wong, Catalina Young.

The Prefect’s role carries great responsibility around service leadership and guardianship of our school culture.
We trust that as we commence our Centenary year, the 2022 Year 13 student body will support this group in their significant role.