Fairytale show for young audience

Year 9 and 10 Drama classes delighted primary students from Balmoral School with a series of masked performances on Monday, December 4.

The MAGS students performed interpretations of children’s stories and TS Eliot’s poetry, including The Three Little Pigs, The Gruffalo and Growltiger’s Last Stand.

Drama teacher Ms Jessica Rigold said the Year 10 students spent the term making their masks and learning about the art of masked performance, which required them to use slapstick humour and audience interaction to tell a story. The young audience loved it and took part by responding enthusiastically to questions and prompts from the actors.

Head of Drama Mr Gerald Urquhart says the inter-school exercise gave primary students exposure to how much fun Drama could be at high school, and provided the MAGS students with a receptive audience to gain a different style of performance experience.

After the show both groups of students met so the youngsters could try on the MAGS students’ masks and meet the performers.