Drama Production: Children of the Black Skirt 2020

The Year 11 Drama Production took place on the night of July 29 with a performance of the Australian play Children of the Black Skirt.
It is a hard-hitting play that explores the place of children throughout Australia’s history. The children take turns telling the stories of the spirits trapped in an orphanage. Through sharing their stories the spirits are released.
HOD Drama Gerald Urquhart said, “The play was well-received, with it being booked out days in advance. At the conclusion of the show, the audience sat in quiet contemplation, clearly moved by the performances. The students appreciated such strong support for the work they created.
“The slick show was the result of some very focussed effort by both cast and crew. The creativity and camaraderie of everyone involved is to be applauded.”
Photos / Ruby Taylor Sinclair