Albertian Games: Hockey Boys v Albertians, 1 April, 2022.

Played at the Auckland Grammar turf, the Centenary game was well supported with plenty of Albertians wanting to be involved.
MAGS went with a two-year school team, with players from both 2021 and 2022.
Director of Hockey Mark Dempster said, “We had Hamesh Govind fly up from Christchurch and Nate Carroll from Wellington where they are both studying. Luke Clements and Matt Denby were also added to strengthen the MAGS centenary team.
“It was a very competitive game, fast-flowing with lots of passing to entertain the crowd. The lack of scoring by Tom Guy was made up for by Shae Iswar, who scored a well taken hat-trick, all scored in and around the ‘keeper.
“The MAGS Boys competed well and learnt a lot from their more accomplished counterparts. They were up against premier club players that included National League players Daniel Panchia, and Glyn Clarke in goal, as well as Black Stick Arun Panchia.
“As well as the Panchias, we had another family involved. Hamesh and Neel Govind played for MAGS and their father Rakesh umpired the game.
“This is now a very popular event that was reintroduced to the MAGS hockey calendar back in 2020. The game was won by the Old Boys with Barvant Soma (Captain 1979) presenting the cup to Bob Iswar.”