Through a growing culture of philanthropy, the Mount Albert Grammar School Foundation will provide the financial support for the school to achieve its aspiration to become the best secondary school in New Zealand.


MAGS Foundation Statement of Purpose

  • Invest in educational excellence
  • Provide resources for MAGS to become New Zealand’s top secondary school
  • Establish the most successful Endowment Fund of any New Zealand school
  • Provide the financial resources to develop and support the School’s vision, values and tradition

 MAGS Foundation Objectives

  • Develop a culture of philanthropy among Albertians, MAGS’ families and the wider MAGS community
  • Raise and manage funds for general or special purposes
  • Engage with as many Albertians and members of the wider MAGS community as possible
  • Develop and manage special projects for MAGS

Minimum Amount: $20.00

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Donor Recognition

There are five levels of donor recognition based upon the amount donated:
Patrons: Gifts of $50,000 or more
Directors: Gifts of $20,000 or more
Fellows: Gifts of $10,000 or more
Members: Gifts of $2,000 or more
Supporters: Gifts of up to $2,000


Product Description

Thank you for investing in the future of Mount Albert Grammar School. If you would like to discuss your donation, please contact:

  • Debbie Forsyth
  • Director of Advancement
  • MAGS Foundation
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Ph: (09) 815 4032