Rowing Academy

Separate Rowing Academy classes for boys and girls are run at Year 9 level, and a combined Academy at Year 10 level. They are led by Albertian John Cook, pictured left, who was a Prefect at the school and has competed at rowing’s elite level around the world and won numerous medals.

The MAGS Academies are for elite or promising athletes. The emphases of the Rowing Academies are: In-season and off-season training, skill acquisition and utilisation, technical knowledge, nutrition, physiology, sports psychology, organisational skills, social skills, tradition, and the MAGS Way when competing for the school.

By the end of their time in the Rowing Academy, students should be well prepared to join their respective senior training group and compete for spots in the MAGS First VIII.


· To develop rowers who can succeed as individuals and as part of a team at First VIII level and beyond.

· To create the fittest, most skilled school athletes in the country.




Y8 Recruitment
Participation in Y9 Rowing Academy
Begin Novice season
20 girls
20 boys
Invitation to Year 10 Rowing Academy
Participation in Year 10 Rowing Academy
Begin U16 season, start training with senior group
12 girls
12 boys
Selection into First VIII8 girls + coxswain
8 boys + coxswain


Our rowers are members of West End Rowing Club, the home of World and Olympic Champion Mahe Drysdale and Olympic bronze medalist Juliette Haigh. MAGS rowers also have access to top class weight training and cardio equipment, both at the school and off-site. We have a team of coaches with a wealth of representative experience.


Before attending Mount Albert Grammar School, students may attend a rowing trial at the end of Year 8. A further opportunity to trial for the Rowing Academy will be provided in Term 1.


All Junior rowers must meet the following expectations:

· Row for the school in Years 9 and 10

· Attend all team trainings and competitions

· Behave appropriately in class and perform to their potential academically


For more information about the Mount Albert Grammar School Rowing Academy, contact:

John Cook
Rowing Coach

Visit MAGSROW’s own website,