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Latest News

Junior Prizegiving 2016

Junior Girl Dux Jamila Chen and Junior Boy Dux Adam Bateman with Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm
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MAGS' top Junior academic, sports and arts students were named at the Year 9 and 10 Prizegiving ceremonies on Tuesday, 6 December.

The Junior Girl Dux and Boy Dux for 2016 are Jamila Chen and Adam Bateman, pictured above with Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm. Click here for a summary of their academic achievements

The Paul Gardner Cup for Service in the Junior School was presented to Logan Allomes and Jamila Chen for their assistance on numerous committees and with arts groups and sports teams.

The Junior Victor Ludorum is Dylan Moon for achievements in Athletics, Rugby, Rugby Sevens and Touch. Junior Victrix Ludorum is Moanekah Va'ai for achievements in Basketball, Netball, Touch and Tag.

The Junior Duces Artium are Logan Allomes and Maddi Bencich. Logan has excelled in Drama and was MC of this year's Junior Bytes concert. Maddi has excelled in both Dance and Drama.

The Best All-Round Boy and Girl in Year 10 are Adam Bateman and Takunda Muzondiwa. The Best All-Round Year 9 students are Vaibhav Nayyar and Isla Thompson.

In his speech, Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm said academic achievement was the ultimate measure by which the school judged its success. It was one of MAGS' "four pillars" - the others being the Arts, Sport and Service - and students were encouraged to become involved in all four areas as their achievements in one gave them the confidence and work ethic to succeed in others.

"I thank our Junior students for approaching their schooling in such a positive way. You can take confidence from your success so far as you enter the Senior school next year."

Click here for the full list of Year 9 Prizewinners

Click here for the full list of Year 10 Prizewinners

Gold medal in NZSS Athletics Road Race

More NZSS photos here

MAGS' Junior Girls Road Race team won Gold at the NZSS Athletics Championships on Saturday, 3 December.

Pictured above from left, Theane van Zyl, Holly Bannister and Hannah Houghton competed in the 4000m team event at Moir Park in Massey. The girls placed 11th, 14th and 16th, and when their places and times were combined they were awarded 1st place.

The girls competed against teams from 18 other schools from around New Zealand. New Plymouth Girls High School won Silver and Wanganui Collegiate claimed Bronze.

In other results, Paige Witehira won Silver in the Senior Girls Javelin with a personal best of 39.67m, and Kalisi Longopoa won Silver in the Junior Girls 80m Hurdles in a time of 12.24 seconds.

Click here for the full list of results

Peer mediators learn from the experts

Students who will take on the role of Peer Mediators in 2017 received specialist training from members of the Peace Foundation on Monday, 5 December.

For the first time, this year's workshop included 10 Year 11 students to create depth and continuity for the future of the programme at MAGS.

Led by the foundation's Head of Peace Education, Ms Christina Barruel, the students took part in role plays and discussions to learn how to be active listeners, reflective, non-judgemental, impartial, and empathic.

MAGS Guidance Counsellor Ms Marianne Wilson says that learning conflict resolution skills "empowers young people to come to their own solution for a win/win outcome."

The Peer Mediators will put their skills into action next year to help resolve conflicts between their fellow students of all ages, overseen by the Guidance Department.

Ted van Arkle inducted into Hall of Distinction

Mr van Arkle with members of his family after receiving his charter, from left, son in law David Roberton, daughter Lisa, wife Wendy, son Simon and grandson Samuel Roberton.
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Albertian Mr Ted van Arkel a respected business leader and professional director, was inducted into the Mount Albert Grammar School Hall of Distinction on Thursday, 1 December, 2016.

The ceremony fittingly took place at a gathering of Albertians for a special Christmas Luncheon and the AGM, also attended by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr Greg Moyle, President of the Albertians' Association Mr Aftab Moosa (pictured left with Mr van Arkle), and former Headmaster Mr Greg Taylor.

Mr van Arkel, who attended MAGS from 1957-1958, was accompanied by his wife Wendy and members of their family and friends.

His citation was read by his longtime friend and colleague, Mr Tim Cook, who spoke of Mr van Arkel's rise from a 15-year-old on the shop floor at Woolworths to become a leader of companies employing thousands of staff and turning over billions of dollars each year. Mr Cook said Mr van Arkel was known among those he worked with not only for his business acumen, but also for his caring nature and ability to engage with his staff. Read more ...

Five winners in Auckland Young Sportsperson of the Year Awards




Mountain Biking


All Rounder




Underwater Hockey

Five MAGS students were named the best in Auckland in their chosen sports at the College Sport Auckland's Young Sportsperson of the Year Awards held at Eden Park on Saturday, 26 November.

Jacqui Hand won for Football, James Kirkham for Mountain Biking, Caitlin Pritchard in the demanding All Rounder category, First XV Captain Waimana Riedlinger-Kapa for Rugby and Angus Scahill for Underwater Hockey. Waimana was also a finalist for the overall Young Sportsman of the Year award.

Jacqui, Caitlin, Waimana and Angus are all part of New Zealand Champion teams for MAGS, and have represented New Zealand in international competitions. James won the AKSS Mountain Biking and NZSS Multi-Sport titles this year.

MAGS had 15 finalists across 12 codes at this year's awards, among the most of any school.

Winners decided in Junior Form Class Competition

Year 9 Girls winners - 9CVT

Year 9 Boys winners - 9MKE

Year 10 Girls winners - 10MKN

Year 10 Boys winners - 10SCF

More photos and the final points table here

The 2016 Junior School Inter-form Class Competition came to a fun conclusion in two days of competition on Tuesday and Wednesday, 29-30 November.

Points gained in the final challenges were added to those gathered through the year and the winning classes announced, as pictured above. They will enjoy the annual prize of lunch and a movie at St Luke's.

The year-long competition is a fun series of challenges that runs throughout the year, with classes gaining points depending on their placings in each event. Extra points are given for participation, support, fair play and team work.

The competition includes both academic and sporting challenges, and aims to help junior students settle into high school life and get to know each other and the school, while having a go new skills and games.

In 2016 challenges included the MAGS Way video challenge, General Knowledge Quiz, Volleyball, Touch Rugby, Ultimate Vortex, Swimming Sports, Cross Country, Social Studies Quiz, Rowing Machine Challenge, Tug of War, Basketball, and an Art Poster Competition.

Weather station installed at MAGS

A mini weather station has been installed on the side of the Observatory at Mount Albert Grammar School, providing live data to a website. Click here to view

Albertian Mr Daniel Xu (at right) approached Head of Physics, Mr Michael Ashby, to ask if Mr Xu's company, UV Lens, could install one of its weather stations at the school. The Observatory, located in the Horticulture Block with good exposure to sun, rain and wind, was deemed an ideal spot. The station measures temperature, solar UV, wind speed and direction, rainfall rate and quantity, and relative humidity.

UV Lens will use the data for its App, which provides a localised UV forecast for the day, when it’s safe to be outside and suncare advice. Mr Ashby says the station's recordings will be useful to a range of departments at the school, including Physics, Mathematics, Geography, and Agricultural and Horticultural Science.

The station is solar powered so requires no maintenance. It communicates wirelessly to a receiver in the Physics Department, which then uses the internet to transmit data to a server. MAGS is the first high school to receive a station - UV Lens intends to set up another 50 in schools around the country, and already has some in other suburban locations.

Mr Xu attended MAGS from 2003-2007, graduating as a Prefect and Dux, and last year completed a PhD in Bio-Mechatronics at the University of Auckland. He returned to the school this year to speak at the annual Leadership Assembly, and is enjoying developing technology to help people live healthier outdoor lives.

Head of Arts made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Ms Milica Zjajic-Moon, the Head of MAGS' Faculty of Arts and our Head of Music, has been made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts based in London.

"This is a huge honour and I am very humbled," says Ms Moon, "and the thing I am happiest about is the variety of opportunities my fellowship unlocks for our students. We can now enter competitions open only to students of Fellows, which are sponsored by international corporations with prize money worth tens of thousands of pounds."

Ms Moon will also be able to collaborate with other Fellows around the world, enhancing the Arts programme MAGS can offer.

The Society was formed in 1754 to "embolden enterprise, enlarge science, refine art (and) extend our commerce". Fellows include Charles Dickens, Benjamin Franklin and Professor Stephen Hawking. Today the RSA describes itself as "an enlightenment organisation committed to finding innovative practical solutions to today’s social challenges", and includes more than 2000 Fellows elected from 80 countries, including social entrepreneurs, scientists, community leaders, commercial innovators, artists, journalists, architects, engineers, and those from many other occupations who have demonstrated achievement or potential related to the arts, manufacture and commerce. The RSA's patron is Queen Elizabeth II.

New Fellows must be nominated by two existing members, and then elected. Ms Moon does not know who nominated her, assuming they are among the network of contacts she has built up through the arts and education in New Zealand and overseas.

She has been invited to the the Society's offices in London, and is looking forward to meeting its international co-ordinator during a planned trip to Europe over the summer holidays.

Outstanding ERO Report

The Education Review Office gave Mount Albert Grammar School an excellent report following its most recent assessment visit. It noted that student academic achievement is "outstanding" and NCEA performance is "higher than national averages and is considerably higher than the averages for other similar schools."

To read the full report, click here

Record results in 2015 NCEA and Scholarship put MAGS among top 5 schools in New Zealand

* Riki Guernier and Bruno Batinica named as NZQA Outstanding Scholars - among top 68 students in the country

Mount Albert Grammar School students gained a record 104 Scholarships in the 2015 NCEA exams, the fifth highest among all New Zealand secondary schools. The total surpasses our 2014 tally of 88. Scholarships represent the pinnacle of academic achievement for secondary students. Our total was gained across 18 subjects, also the most ever, and included seven at Outstanding level.

Our students also attained our best ever results in NCEA Levels 1-3, once again exceeding the national average and equalling or surpassing averages for schools in the higher Decile 8-10 bracket (MAGS is Decile 7). In the graphs below, MAGS figures are shown in the black line.

Click here to see the graphs and figures in more detail

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