The Government Inspector

Full of madcap energy, the Year 13 Production of The Government Inspector proved a huge hit with sold-out audiences this week in the E9 Drama Room.
HoD Drama Mr Urquhart said, “It has been a fun run with three sold-out nights already. The commitment and creativity from the students has been clearly evident on stage.”
The play, written by Nikolai Gogol, is well-loved in Russian culture, having a similar stature to the works of Oscar Wilde in British culture. It follows a group of corrupt officials from a small rural village in Russia after they catch wind that they are to be inspected by someone…incognito. Meanwhile, a lowly copying clerk has been running up his bills in the local inn. Clearly this must be the secret Government Inspector.
Mr Urquhart said, “There has been a madcap energy springing from the rehearsals and continuing into the show. The characterisation has been larger than life and the facial hair even larger.
“Left-field ideas have been explored and thrown into the mix. The best example of this is the chamber quartet who, instead of playing classical music, played reggae.
“Unbeknownst to the audience or cast, secret staff soloists were organised for the final song of the evening. We were lucky enough to be joined on-stage by Mr Watson, Mr Dale as well as the Headmaster Mr Drumm himself. Their surprise performances capped off evenings that were full of laughter and joy.
“But the lion’s share of the credit must go to the students themselves. The cast, the crew and the band have been stellar, particularly in the build-up to opening night. Their commitment and joy has been apparent on stage and I am grateful for that. I want to congratulate the Year 13 students on what will likely be their final performance at MAGS and wish them the best in all they attempt to do.”

Photos / Chloe Innes and Sanskriti Roy