Student winners announced for Art Show

Judges Balamohan Shingade and John Gow had the tough job of picking the best student works of art in a variety of categories at the MAGS Art Show.
The pair deliberated over the works during the day on Friday, August 17 before the Art Show opened for the ticketed Gala Night, and to the general public on Saturday and Sunday.
And the awards went to:
1st Emily Sharpe – “Portrait” – Yr 12 (above, at centre)
2nd  Alisa Coulson –  “Sorry I Made You Lie” – Yr 13
3rd  Isaak Glynn – “1963 Was a Long Year” – Yr 13

1st – Jesse Pilcher – “ Surfers Garage” – Year 13 (above left)
2nd – Jade Chambers – “Maggie” – Year 12
3rd– Karissa Tapu – “Toy Soldier” – Year 13

1st – Grace Twigley – “Shady” – Y13 (above right)
2nd – Kendra Smith – “Ashes to Ashes” – Y13
3rd – Lulu Qiu – “Purple Rain” – Y13

Top Junior
Pip Hawksorth –  “Mt Albert”  – Y9

Highly Commended
Nathan Burton – “Western Waves” – Y13
Ryan Snook – “Chapstick” – Y12
Porcia Meredith – “Embracing Hiapo” – Y13
Lauren Appleby – “Ivy” – Y11
Rosie Veldkamp – “Stinging Colour” – Y11
Teacher Awards
1st- Minseong Kang – “Beautiful Creatures”
2nd- Arien Okan – “Silence”
3rd- Ryan Snook – “Freed”

Moving Image Prize
Jacob Reynold Muir
Denzel Kelemate
Ella Brislen

Pottery Award
Isaac Young-Montgomerie

People’s Choice Award
Three-way tie with equal votes for:
Allie Hawksworth – “You Are Black”
Jessica Gurnsey – “Kingfisher”
Willa Meikle – “Colour Blind”