Mural to represent MAGS cultures

A mural designed by students to represent the many cultures of MAGS was completed just in time for the end of Term 4.

The student Maori Committee sparked the project, which was driven by Year 10 art students and those in the school’s whanau unit, Te Puna Owairaka. Submissions of draft ideas were called for that combined Maori myths with symbols of other cultures.

The works of four students were selected and combined into a mural by Art teacher Ms Ainsley Leonard, in consultation with Te Reo Maori teacher Mr Peter Walters. The students whose pieces were selected were Caitlin Tubman, Luke Davoren, Grace McGarry and Jasmine Wang.

The final design was based on the legend of Rangi and Papa (or Ranginui and Papatūānuku) the sky father and earth mother who were separated by their son Tāne to allow life to flourish. It also incorporates the three baskets of knowledge brought by Tāne from the heavens to earth. The baskets rest on a staircase representing the cultural foundation upon which knowledge is gained, decorated with Māori, Asian, Celtic and Pasifika motifs.

The mural measures nearly 6m x 2m and will be attached to a classroom that faces E Quad near the tuck shop, a central thoroughfare and meeting point. Ms Leonard said the collaborative, creative project was a productive way to finish the year. It is planned to have the mural installed early in Term 1, 2018.