Junior Form Class Competition Finals 2019

The 2019 Junior School Inter-Form Class Competition wrapped up on Finals Day as students competed to win prizes of pizza lunches or a trip to the movies.
Year 9 Boys and Girls and Year 10 Boys and Girls enjoyed beautiful weather on their finals days on 21 and 22 November.
Points gained in the finals day challenges were added to those gathered through the year and the winning form classes announced. The year-long competition is a fun series of challenges, with classes gaining points depending on their placings in each event. Extra points are given for participation, support, fair play and team work.
The competition – overseen by Year 10 Boys Dean Kerry Baker –  includes both academic and sporting challenges, and aims to help junior students settle into high school life and get to know each other and the school, while learning new skills and games.
This year they have taken part in quizzes, a can drive, Pink Shirt Day, and a book drive.
On finals day, they played games such as Long Ball, Killer Ball, Harsh Ball and Capture the Flag.
Overall winners are treated to a movie, while the winners on finals day get a pizza lunch. This year, 9CNS (Year 9 Boys) won overall and on finals day so they go to a movie and score the pizza.
Overall winner for Year 9 Girls was 9SEO, while the finals day winner was 9HGH.
Overall winner for Year 10 Boys was 10CGL, while 10PNE won finals day.
Overall Year 10 Girls winner was 10BRW, while 10CSN won the sporting challenges on finals day.
You can see the final points tally here