Dance Concert showcases diversity

The 2021 dance concert Recollections held at Centennial Theatre AGS on April 13 and 14 featured all 220 dance students.
The evening opened with a taster of the MAGS Megacrew set that will be performed at the HHI NZ Mega School competition to be held on Friday, April 23 at Vodafone Events Centre.
The concert showcased a very diverse collection of students, including nearly 50 boys, dancing with their classes for performance assessment in a huge variety of cultural, popular and contemporary dance styles. All classes performed with commitment and joy and the dances were all enthusiastically received by the audiences.
Director of Arts Co-Curricular Ms Cesan said, “These group performances were interspersed with some engaging and beautifully crafted choreographic pieces by senior students.
“Clearly, the students were all excited to have the opportunity to perform again after a messy 2020, and the support that all dancers demonstrated for their peers was great to see.”

Photos / Louis Fagan and Sanskriti Roy