Centennial Walkway Blessing

Pictured above, from left: Mr Burden, Mr Taylor, Mr Hall and Mr Drumm.

The new Centennial Walkway was blessed on February 1, with Matua Hare Paniora and Matua Peter Walters leading the ceremony and guiding invited guests from the entranceway up to the flagpole.
The ceremonial opening of the walkway – in time for Year 9s’ first day at school the next day – kicked off our year of Centenary Celebrations.
As well as providing greater and safer access to the school, the walkway and its flagpole will be the focus of future Anzac celebrations, with the names of fallen Albertians inscribed on the walls surrounding the flagpole.
Among the invited guests were member of the Board of Trustees and the MAGS Foundation, as well as former Headmasters Dale Burden, Greg Taylor and Maurice Hall.
There was a ceremonial raising of the flag followed by a speech from Headmaster Mr Drumm, who welcomed guests and talked about the upcoming academic year and the year of Centenary Celebrations that would go ahead despite the trying times we are living in.