At the September 22 launch of our Centenary book Change and Tradition, Headmaster Mr Drumm thanked author Debbie Dunsford for producing a “taonga” for MAGS that would add to its rich history.
Mr Drumm told guests assembled in the W.O.H. Gibbs Room on that production of the book was a key part of our Centenary celebrations, and Mrs Dunsford had gone above and beyond the call of duty in producing a fascinating insight into MAGS’ past 25 years.
Mrs Dunsford, a local historian, said her book, which focuses on the period 1997-2022, paid tribute to and was a companion to Professor Russell Stone and Neville McMillan’s 75th Jubilee book, Tradition and Change, which covers MAGS’ history from 1922-1997.
She thanked Professor Stone, an Albertian, for his input and guidance, and said she was indebted to many people at MAGS for their help, including the Centenary Book Committee of Mr Drumm, BoT Chair Greg Moyle, Centenary Committee Chair Dale Griffiths, Assistant Archivist Greg Cave and historian Michael Bassett.
Past headmasters Greg Taylor and Dale Burden, and MAGS Foundation Chair Peter Thorp provided invaluable help and important perspectives on the many changes that had shaped MAGS over the last quarter of a century.
Mrs Dunsford also thanked our long-serving Archivist, Brian Murphy, for his enthusiasm for the school’s history and care of its archival material.
She added, “I consider myself privileged to have had the opportunity to get to know Mount Albert Grammar School in some depth. It has certainly caused me to reflect on my own secondary education in the 1960s. I enjoyed my school days but these two-and-a-half years with MAGS have shown just how good a school can be.”
Change and Tradition will be on sale at next week’s Albertian Luncheon, Reunion Drinks and Centenary Dinner. The book has a RRP of $45 but our Centenary pricing has it at $35, and it can be bought in a bundle with Tradition and Change for $50.
You can also order these books online here along with MAGS Centenary apparel and merchandise.