Art Show seeking sponsors and volunteers

By July 6, 2018Visual Art

As always, MAGS Art Show is run and organised on behalf of the MAGS Foundation by volunteers from our community, with money going back into the school.
This year promises to be yet another successful fundraiser but the Art Show needs volunteer help and sponsorship and prizes for the  Show
There are a variety of roles for volunteers leading up and during the Art Show from 17 – 19 August.
Even if you can only spare a couple of hours, it all helps. It’s also a wonderful way to support the school with the major fundraiser of the year, and to meet other parents/caregivers helping with the show.
If you are keen to help, please contact Karen Blanchard at [email protected]
A major part of the Art Show is the sponsorship and silent auction and raffles prizes that come from our community.
Sponsor can offer help in the form of cash sponsorship for the show or by paying for a wall panel. The wall panels [see photograph above] are what the artworks hang from. The Art Show is looking for sponsors for each of these panels. It can be a business, family or group of friends. The cost is $350+GST. Your name will feature on the wall panel, the Art Show website and catalogue and through its Facebook page.
Silent auctions and a major raffle ar also part of the Art Show weekend.
Organisers would like to offer a variety of prizes. Please consider donating something as simple as a bottle of wine, through to the offer of a weekend at a family bach, or a meal at a cafe.
If you are able to help with sponsorship or prizes, please contact Julie Green at: [email protected]
Artwork that will feature at the Art Show is showcased on its website here on Facebook here  and on Instagram here