Week 1, Term 1 Information 2021

By January 26, 2021General News

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

It is my sincere wish that the 2021 New Year has been enjoyable for all and that you are now busy with your sons and daughters looking forward to starting back at Mount Albert Grammar School next week. Our school is currently, in what we refer to as ‘Week 0’, getting ready for the new term and I felt it wise to send a short reminder to all about a few important dates and details. The usual start of term email update will be issued soon, when we are all more settled into school routines.


Monday, 1 February                 Auckland Anniversary Day – School Closed
Tuesday, 2 February                First day for Year 9 – Orientation & Peer Support
Report to the Albertian Quad by 8.30am – we will want to start our welcome promptly.

Wednesday, 3 February

8.45am            Year 9 to Mentor Class
8.45am            Year 10 to Lower Gym for Mentor Class allocation
8.45am            Year 11 to Upper Gym for Mentor Class allocation
8.45am            Year 12 to the Hall for Mentor Class allocation
8.45am            Year 13 check lists for Mentor Class allocation posted at Student Centre and Library

All students on timetable from Period 3


Monday, 8 February                 Waitangi Day observance – School Closed
Tuesday, 9  February               All students on timetable


Please note that Year 12 and Year 13 senior students have 24 timetabled teaching periods and that Years 12 and 13 are dismissed from school at 1.30pm on Wednesdays because they do not have a scheduled Period 5 class.  Any students who rely on school buses are welcome to remain at school and study.

Please note that Year 11 students have 24 timetabled subject teaching periods, but on a Wednesday they do not have a scheduled Period 5 class.  However, this is a period that will be allocated from time to time to special programmes available to Year 11 students.  The first of these starts Week 1 for our Year 11 boys and will run for the first 5 weeks of term, then the same programme will be followed by our Year 11 girls from Week 6.  Parents of Year 11 students will receive further and more specific information regarding this will later this week.

On Wednesdays, any Year 11/12/13 students who rely on school buses are welcome to remain at school and study.

Invoices for Year 9 and Year 10 students will be sent out on Tuesday, 2 February, and payment details will be on the bottom of the invoices. Preferred methods of payment are via the KAMAR parent portal or direct credit from your bank account quoting the student number off your invoice.

Years 11-13 will be invoiced once we feel that all changes have been made in regards to moving courses etc. This is to ensure our invoicing is accurate and subject choices are correct.

Kamar parent portal log-in details will be sent to Year 9 parents on Tuesday, 2 February, and Year 10-13 parents will receive those details on Wednesday, 3 February.

The sale of school lockers will be via an online ordering process commencing 4pm, Tuesday, 2 February. This will enable new Year 9 students to tour the school first and get lockers in a position that will work with their timetable.  We will not be taking orders at the Finance Office.  As with previous years, Year 9 students will be given priority until 4pm, Wednesday, 3 February before locker access is opened to all other students.
Locker prices = $65 per year for a standard locker, or = $100 for a sports locker (hockey/cricket etc).
Once your online order has been received and processed, you will receive an invoice and, following payment, you will receive your locker number. Students are required to supply their own padlocks.

To reserve a locker, from 4pm Tuesday (Year 9 only), please click on the link below and complete the form.


For new students, your ID number can be found on your timetable initially and will then be on any invoices/statements you receive as well.
For any queries, please email [email protected] and we will reply as soon as we can.

A reminder that in the interests of the Health and Safety of all students, no cars are to enter the school grounds to drop off / pick up children.  Vehicles are not permitted to enter the school grounds to drop off / pick up students because we are a school community of over 3100 students on site, creating heavy foot traffic, and our school driveway cannot accommodate extra, unnecessary traffic congestion. Please be aware that duty staff are required to ensure this safety measure is adhered to.

Please pick-up / drop off your children outside the school gates but not in the bus bays.  My advice is for you to work out a meeting point for pick-up that is well away from the school gate to avoid unnecessary delays caused by traffic congestion.

A reminder that being punctual to school is important.  While from time to time there are extenuating circumstances beyond general control, time management and being organised are critical life skills to develop and there are school consequences for students who do not work on developing these skills. It is important for our students to start the year well and maintain their standards.

Warm regards,

Jo Williams
Associate Principal
[email protected]